Bomb (Paper Mario series)

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Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
PM Bomb Attack Screenshot.pngBobberybomb.png
Mastered by Bombette and Admiral Bobbery
Rank Base Rank
Effect Bombette or Bobbery explodes, damaging an enemy
Target Frontmost grounded enemy
Attack Power 4 (Bobbery Base Rank)
5 (Bombette Base Rank, Bobbery Super Rank)
6 (Bombette Super Rank, Bobbery Ultra Rank)
7 (Bombette Ultra Rank)
Element Explosion

Bomb is an attack that can be used by Bombette in Paper Mario that costs three FP to use. As the player rapidly taps A Button in order to fill an on-screen gauge, Bombette walks up to the frontmost grounded enemy and explodes, damaging the enemy. Her attack can also be used outside of battle to activate switches, or destroy cracked walls.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Admiral Bobbery uses Bomb as his default attack, which costs no FP. To perform the move in this game, the player has to hold down A Button and let go when a red light appears on the screen. However, unique to this move, even if the Action Command is not performed correctly, the attack will still deal damage — it'll merely be reduced —, and it will not decrease Star Power gain or trigger audience dissatisfaction.[1] The Bomb attack will also clear away fog during a battle. A Stylish move can be executed by pressing A Button when Bobbery lands after exploding. Outside of battle, it involves Mario tossing Bobbery upwards, so he can destroy cracked walls and activate otherwise unreachable switches.

Both Bombette and Bobbery can perform this attack as a First Strike, in which case the Action Command will be automatically performed and FP will not be consumed. Bobbery's Bomb First Strike can ground Parabuzzies and Spiky Parabuzzies, even if they take no damage from the attack.

Both Bomb attacks are imbued with the "explosion" element, allowing them to deal more damage (i.e., Pyro Guys, Lava Bubbles, and Dry Bones) or none at all (i.e., Buzzy Beetles) to certain enemies, flip over foes like Hyper Clefts and Moon Clefts, and make bomb and bullet-type enemies (i.e., Bob-ombs, Bulky Bob-ombs, and Bullet Bills) explode and defeat themselves instantly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バクハツ
Chinese 爆炸
French Bombe Bomb
German Bombe Bomb
Italian Kamikaze -
Spanish (NOE) Bomba[2][3] Bomb