Toad Bros. Bazaar

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Toad Bros. Bazaar

Toad Bros. Bazaar is located in the central plaza of Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is run by the Toad brothers Thriff T. and Plenn T..

In Chapter 5, Thriff T. leaves Toad Bros. Bazaar and opens his own shop on Keelhaul Key.

Every time there is a one-time item on sale, such as the Contact Lens, it will always replace the Mushroom, never any other item.


Item Price Item Price Item Price

Mushroom TTYD.png

5 Coins Honey Syrup

Honey Syrup TTYD.png

5 Coins Tasty Tonic

Tasty Tonic TTYD.png

3 Coins
Fire Flower

Fire Flower TTYD.png

10 Coins Sleepy Sheep

Sleepy Sheep TTYD.png

8 Coins Fright Mask

Fright Mask TTYD.png

5 Coins
Item Price Item Price Item Price
Contact Lens

Contact Lens.png

10 Coins Super Luigi

Super Luigi series Vol 1 TTYD.png

64 Coins Super Luigi 2

Super Luigi series Vol 2 TTYD.png

128 Coins
Super Luigi 3

Super Luigi series Vol 3 TTYD.png

128 Coins Super Luigi 4

Super Luigi series Vol 4 TTYD.png

128 Coins Super Luigi 5

Super Luigi series Vol 5 TTYD.png

256 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Cake Mix

Cake Mix TTYD.png

8 Coins Coconut

Coconut TTYD.png

2 Coins Dried Bouquet

Dried Bouquet TTYD.png

12 Coins
Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta TTYD.png

53 Coins Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf TTYD.png

4 Coins Gradual Syrup

Gradual Syrup TTYD.png

8 Coins

Horsetail TTYD.png

2 Coins Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce TTYD.png

11 Coins Keel Mango

Keel Mango TTYD.png

4 Coins
Mystic Egg

Mystic Egg TTYD.png

5 Coins Peachy Peach

Peachy Peach TTYD.png

4 Coins Turtley Leaf

Turtley Leaf TTYD.png

2 Coins
Whacka Bump

Whacka Bump TTYD.png

55 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノキノブラザーズの店
Kinokino Burazāzu no Mise
Kinokino Brothers' Store, kino derives from the Japanese name for Toads.
German Toads & Koopas Pun on business names like "Marks & Spencer"