Lovely Howz of Badges

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Mario and Goombella check out the selection of badges.

The Lovely Howz of Badges is a badge shop found in Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This shop is located in the town's main square, near the inn. Once Mario has visited The Thousand-Year Door for the first time, he can enter the shop to buy and sell various badges.

Two shopkeepers work at the Howz of Badges: an unnamed, overly-enthusiastic pale yellow Squeek and Ms. Mowz, the thief that Mario and his allies encounter periodically throughout their adventure. Besides serving as a store manager, Ms. Mowz's other duty at the store may be to search the world for rare badges to sell later. This explains why she appears to be looking for a rare badge at Hooktail Castle. If and when Ms. Mowz joins Mario's party, she will leave her position at the shop. If Mario defeats the Shadow Queen with Ms. Mowz in his party, she will return to work at the Lovely Howz of Badges (at least until Mario returns to Rogueport, as she will rejoin him for any further adventures in the region).

The shop has five badges visible on the counter at any given time. The Squeek can be talked to to peruse the full list, although the displayed Badges will be at their cheapest, 30% off their regular price. Leaving Rogueport and reentering changes the selection of Badges on sale. If the player decides to solve Garf's trouble at the Trouble Center, his house key will be right in front of the store entrance.


The Lovely Howz of Badges adds new badges to its stock after every chapter. Mario can sell badges here, at which point, they will be added to the shop's stock and can be bought back later for twice the price (i.e. if Mario sells a Damage Dodge badge for 75 Coins, he can buy it back at 150 Coins). If the Lucky Start badge is lost in the hole in Creepy Steeple, it can be bought for 70 coins.

Item Price
Initial Badges
FP Drain.png
FP Drain
100 Coins
Happy Flower TTYD.png
Happy Flower
150 Coins
Last Stand.png
Last Stand
50 Coins
Last Stand P.png
Last Stand P
50 Coins
Piercing Blow.png
Piercing Blow
75 Coins
Power Jump.png
Power Jump
50 Coins
50 Coins
Super Appeal.png
Super Appeal
50 Coins
50 Coins
After Chapter 1
Close Call TTYD.png
Close Call
100 Coins
Close Call P.png
Close Call P
100 Coins
Sleepy Stomp.png
Sleepy Stomp
75 Coins
After Chapter 2
First Attack.png
First Attack
100 Coins
Power Rush.png
Power Rush
50 Coins
Pretty Lucky P.png
Pretty Lucky P
150 Coins
After Chapter 3
Ice Smash.png
Ice Smash
75 Coins
Power Rush P.png
Power Rush P
50 Coins
Shrink Stomp.png
Shrink Stomp
75 Coins
After Chapter 4
Damage Dodge.png
Damage Dodge
150 Coins
Head Rattle.png
Head Rattle
100 Coins
Soft Stomp.png
Soft Stomp
75 Coins
After Chapter 5
Damage Dodge P.png
Damage Dodge P
150 Coins
Fire Drive.png
Fire Drive
100 Coins
Super Appeal P.png
Super Appeal P
50 Coins
After Chapter 6
Attack FX P.png
Attack FX P
100 Coins

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラブリーチューチュー
Raburī Chūchū
lovely chuchu, where chuchu is onomatopoeia for mice.