Pale Piranha

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The Thousand-Year Door Enemy
Pale Piranha
Pale Piranha.png
Location(s) Boggly Woods, The Great Tree, Glitz Pit
Max HP 4
Attack 2
Defense 0
Moves Jaw Clamp (2)
Items Honey Syrup (drop only)
Coins 1 - 2
Log A monochrome Piranha Plant that attacks with a nasty bite. If you see one, throw all you've got at it, or run.
Misc. stats
Level 11
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 110%
Dizzy? 60%
Confuse? 100%
Tiny? 95%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 80%
Stop? 90%
Soft? 95%
Fright? 30%
Gale Force? 60%
KO? 95%

That's a Pale Piranha. You know about these guys. The famous Piranha Plants. This colorless subspecies is adapted to Boggly Woods. Ah, the wonders of nature! Max HP is 4, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. If you try to jump on them, they'll totally chomp on you.


Pale Piranhas are a pale variant of Piranha Plant found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They live in the Boggly Woods and The Great Tree, and, as indicated, are colored in gray with white spots. They are the weakest of the four types of Piranha Plants in the game. In the Glitz Pit, a Pale Piranha appears as one of the members of Mind-Bogglers. They attack by biting Mario. When Mario comes near a Pale Piranha outside battle, it will try to bite Mario in a rush to make the First Strike causing him damage. If Mario attempts to jump on one, he will take damage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パックンフラワー
Pakkun Furawā
Pakkun Flower; same as Piranha Plant.
Spanish (NOE) Planta Piraña Gris Gray Piranha Plant
French (NOE) Plante piranha Piranha Plant
German Piranha-Pflanze Piranha Plant