King Totomesu

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King Totomesu
SML KingTotomesu Artwork.png
Species Gao
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

King Totomesu[1][2] is the first boss in the game Super Mario Land. He is a large sphinx- or lion-like creature who resembles a Gao but, unlike this enemy, is capable of moving in addition to breathing fire. King Totomesu leads the Birabuto Kingdom under Princess Daisy. During Tatanga's invasion of Sarasaland, King Totomesu fell under Tatanga's control.

The player faces King Totomesu at the end of the pyramid in which the third level of Birabuto Kingdom takes place. His fight works like the battles with Bowser and his copies in Super Mario Bros. In battle, he attacks by attempting to jump on and shoot fire at the player. To defeat King Totomesu, the player has to wait for him to jump and then dash to activate the switch behind him or simply shoot five Superballs at him. Dashing and jumping over him works as well. Either way, the player is awarded 5000 points for defeating King Totomesu and is allowed to progress into the Muda Kingdom.


Super Mario Land[edit]

  • 3DS Virtual Console manual: "This boss of the Birabuto Kingdom jumps up and down spitting out fire. Jumping on him won't work. Instead, use five Superballs."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キング・トトメス[3][4]
Kingu Totomesu
Kingu Todomesu
King Thutmose

King Todomesu
German König Totumesu (Das Super Mario Spiel)
König Totomesu (Super Mario Encyclopedia - Die ersten 30 Jahre)
King Totumesu
King Totomesu
Italian Re Totomesu[6] King Totomesu
Spanish King Totomesu -


  • "Totomesu" is the katakana rendering of Thutmose (also spelled Tuthmosis), the name of several pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This is appropriate, considering the Egyptian theme of the Birabuto Kingdom and that King Totomesu looks like the Great Sphinx of Giza (though it was built in honor of Pharaoh Khafre, not any Thutmose).
  • Totomesu's in-game sprite depicts him with a goatee, yet his artwork lacks this feature.


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