Super Mario-kun Volume 3

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Super Mario-kun Volume 3
Super Mario-kun #3
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan January 28, 1992
France March 25, 2015
Spain March 21, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 3 is the third volume of the manga series, continuing the Super Mario World story arc that began in the first volume, but some chapters also include enemies from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Land. In this part, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi walk through Chocolate Island and finally reach Bowser's Castle. Wendy is the only Koopaling encountered in the volume, but Mario has a dodgeball match against Bowser (their first actual duel in the manga).

This volume's extras are 4-komas and puzzles.


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Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 1 cover

涙の再会!? 親友ドラボンは料理上手!! (Reunion of Tears!? My Best Friend Rex is a Good Cook!!)

Still wandering in the Forest of Illusion, Mario and Luigi get caught by a trap and Yoshi, while trying to help them, hits a beehive, getting stung by bees. The trapper comes out and orders the three to reveal if they work for Bowser. Yoshi recognizes him: it is his childhood friend Rex. Rex recognizes Yoshi's voice, but not his face (being covered by bee stings). Thanks to his tongue, Yoshi manages to convince Rex that they are not on Bowser's side, and frees the brothers. To be forgiven for the trouble, Rex invites the trio to dinner, and Yoshi tells the other that they are lucky: Rex is a very good cook.

Meanwhile, the trio is spied by Kamek and a Koopa Troopa named Number 3. 3 wants to attack them, but Kamek has a better plan and makes appear a Kamemeka, a Shell-chip, and makes it fly right on Rex's neck. This makes Rex evil and serves his friends with a dish full of rotten food, garbage and nightcrawlers (that Yoshi eats with pleasure). Mario starts to think that there is something wrong with Rex, making Yoshi angry, but when Rex comes and attacks them with a flamethrower, Yoshi has to agree with Mario. Enchanting the Kamemeka, Kamek turns Rex into a giant.

Rex tries to stomp Mario, but he steals his boot and goes on the attack riding it, but he is knocked out by the foot's smell. Yoshi tries to convince Rex to stop by asking him to remember all the good times they spent together, but that only enrages Rex more, since he only has bad memories of the two together, being always hurt in their games. Rex grows a pair of wings and tries to attack Mario, but he finds and press a ! Switch. A lot of ! Blocks falls on Rex, hitting and detaching the Kamemeka that Yoshi grabs. Rex returns to normal. Luigi, sweeping away the blocks, finds a knockdown Kamek under it and Yoshi, realizing what happened, attaches the Kamemeka on his head, making him dance like a fool.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 2 cover

必殺ショットさく裂!! スーパードッジ大決戦!! (Special Explosive Shot!! Super Dodgeball Showdown!!)

Just out from the Forest, Mario is reached by Bowser, riding his Koopa Clown Car with Peach inside. The Koopa King has realized that maybe Mario has a chance of winning against him, so proposes to end this in an easier way: a dodgeball match. Mario accepts and goes to take some 1-Up Mushrooms to duplicate himself so that both team have equals team members.

The match begins, but since the very start Mario notices that Bowser team is cheating: the first ball tossed is caught by Luigi, but spikes come out from it, hurting him. When Mario tries to hit the Koopa team, the ball avoids them like opposite magnets. One of the Marios is eliminated when a Spike Top catch the ball with its spike, but is then eaten by Yoshi. Bowser tosses another ball, but Yoshi realizes too late that it is a Bob-omb. Bowser then toss a ball and a Pokey, but Yoshi eats the enemy's parts and Mario catches the ball.

Sick and tired of this circus, Mario tosses in the air the ball and toss at it a Super Mushroom, making it big and tosses it at the Koopa team, eliminating it. Team Mario wins, but then feels betrayed when Bowser, his minions and Peach (that watched the whole match, cheerleading for Mario) disappear, thinking he did not keep his promise and continue their journey to Bowser's Castle. In reality, Bowser, Peach and the Koopas are all squashed on the ball, that rolled out of sight behind a rock.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 3 cover

地下面工事中!? メット親方の大仕事!! (Underground Under Construction!? Metto Oyakata's Good Job!!)

It is so hot outside that Yoshi has to take off his skin to withstand the heat. Soon, the trio sees a Warp Pipe and decides to continue in the shaded underground level. Inside, they find a construction site run by Metto Oyakata and decided to pass through. The bearded Buzzy Beetle, scolds the trio for trying to pass in the middle of his construction site for an obstacle course for Mario. The three realizes that he does not know Mario by the face and try to sneak away, until Metto Oyakata recognizes Mario by loudly describing him.

Metto Oyakata calls his workers, but they arrive boarding a Mine Cart, and being on the tracks, Metto Oyakata gets hit by them. The heroes escape and Metto Oyakata tries to squash them under a solid yellow platform, but Yoshi stops it and Mario breaks it. Their escape is short-lived, falling (twice) in wet cement avoiding some flying Buzzy Beetle Shells. With just their head popping out from the cement, Metto Oyakata calls a flock of Swoopers and orders them to suck Mario and his friends' blood and abilities and give them to him.

Metto Oyakata becomes strong and caped like Mario (and hungry for his species like Yoshi). Showing off, Metto Oyakata destroys the floor with a punch, but that frees the weakened Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. They try to escape, but Metto Oyakata blows at Mario, making him fly towards a ? Block. Inside, a trail of Control Coins comes out, taking Mario to the ceiling, where he finds a 3-Up Moon. Mario grabs it and becomes 3UP Mario, gaining the deprived strength. With a fire kick, Mario sends Metto Oyakata in the powder magazine, making the underground explode. Hurt and burnt, Mario and his friends escape the underground, continuing their journey.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 4 cover

めざせ一軍 (レギユラー)!! クッパ第二軍団の挑戦!! (The army awakes (literally)!! The Challenge of the Koopa Troop!!)

Bowser is having a report on the situation of his troops, getting to know that most of it got defeated by Mario and eaten by Yoshi. Kamek suggest that maybe they can use the "second army", aka the Super Mario Bros. 3 enemies that did not make the cut for the Dinosaur Land invasion. After have taken them out from the freezer and defrost them, Bowser gives to Boom Boom the role of the leader and orders them to defeat Mario, promising a rise of salary in case of success. The Second Army runs to the Chocolate Island to off Mario, while Bowser noticed that one of them (a Goomba) was molten into a puddle while Kamek defrosted them.

Traversing the hot Chocolate Island, Yoshi comments on how the Sun is very hot, only to get attacked by it. Mario recognizes the Angry Sun and watch while Boom Boom and the rest of the Super Mario Bros. 3 exclusive enemies comes from behind a hill. Mario punches Boom Boom, that sends Blooper into battle. After hitting Mario in the face with its tentacles, Blooper is defeated by Yoshi that chomps his tentacles and Mario burns him with a fireball. With a fast dive, Mario defeats Sledge Brother, Spike, some Goombas and a Roto-Disc.

Furious, Boom Boom punches Mario and orders a Para-Goomba to freeze them with its Micro-Goombas. Taking advantage, Boom Boom unleashes a Chain Chomp at the three restrained heroes, when suddenly a treasure chest appears and empties the Super Mario Bros. 3 power-ups and items it contained on them. Mario grabs the Hammer Suit, Yoshi a Super Leaf and Luigi a Tanooki Suit (to avoid conflict in the statue form) and starts pounding the enemies. Beaten, the Second Army runs away. In the sky, a hologram of Toad appears and cheers the Mario Bros. for their victory, while they thank him for sending them the useful items. Back to Bowser's Castle, Bowser punishes the Second Army with a Spinner, threatening to never hire them again for any job!

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 5 cover

迷子のテレサ!! 母をたずねて三千里!? (The Lost Boo Child!! Looking for Mother for 3000 Leagues!?)

While continuing their journey, the trio hears a scream so loud that shakes the ground. Yoshi localizes the scream source: it is a little Boo who is crying. Yoshi, a bit angry for a falling rock on his head, calms down the Boo with a Goomba lollipop and asks him what is wrong. The Boo explains that he lost sight of her mother and does not know how to return home. Mario pities him, but tells him that they do not have time to help him, but after another earthquaking scream, Mario reconsiders helping him.

During their search for the Ghost House, the heroes has to put up with crying, quakes, stolen food, pee and bruised knuckles when they try to punish the little Boo for his pranks but turns into a Boo Buddy Block to avoid the slaps. Finally, the Ghost House is found and Mama Big Boo is happy to have her son back. When the little Boo tries to explain that Mario helped him return home, the mother misinterprets his words and yells at Mario. Furious for what he had to go through, Mario explodes in a rage, tosses Grab Blocks at her, yelling the truth of what they passed. Mama Big Boo asks for forgiveness and the heroes continue on their journey, but the little Boo cries for the departure of their new friends. He cries so loud that the whole Ghost House crumbles to the ground, while the trio takes this as a hint to run as far away from the Boo.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 6 cover

かた~い結束!? ドッスンとその一味登場!! (Hard unity!? Thwomp and its gang appeared!!)

Bowser gives Thwomp a day off, so he can go to visit his old boss in Chocolate Island. Meanwhile, the party arrives in sight of Wendy's Castle. Taking a break, Yoshi is inspired by a poetic side of the autumn and starts to carve a sculpture from a rock. Much to Yoshi's horror, he realizes he is carving the boss of the Akuiwagumi. Thwomp arrives and, to avenge his old boss, promises Mario (who finds in his hands Yoshi's sculpturing tools) to make him pay for carving him.

Thwomp calls the rocks of the valley (the youngest Thwomp, not yet squared into Thwimps) and they start to attack the trio, but the three come out victorious. Thwomp starts then to spits rocks: some of them rips off Mario's cape and rolls down a pipe. Then, Thwomp starts squashing them and then calls a group of Thwimps. Before getting hit by them, Mario's cape returns to the surface thanks to some bubbled mushrooms. With their help, Mario sack the Thwimps inside his cape and use them as a club to pound Thwomp, breaking his spiky edge, and Thwomp, which breaks into little boulders.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 7 cover

ヨッシー大ピンチ!? 大爆発5秒前!? (Yoshi in Big Trouble!? Five Seconds Before the Big Explosion!?)

Mario and his friends are walking in an underground course. Yoshi says that he is hungry and finds a Berry and eats it. A Spike Top comes out laughing, explaining that the Berry contains a bomb inside and he is holding the remote detonator. Without thinking twice, Mario ties Yoshi to a stalagmite and tries to escape, but Yoshi frees himself and runs to his friends, tripping on them. Having the perfect conditions, the Spike Top pushes the remote, but it only turns on a TV: it is a normal TV remote control.

The Spike Top grabs the actual remote, but Yoshi quickly eats it. Seems that the troubles are over, but the Spike Top releases an electric shock from the spike and tries to hit Yoshi, that manages to dodge each shocks (Mario is however hit twice). The last shock does not strike any of the heroes, since they find themselves on a diagonal platform. Ascending to the surface, Mario quickly flies towards the Spike Top to off him with a cape twirl. The platform crashes, with Luigi and Yoshi on it. Before the crash, Yoshi pooped an egg from fear. Inside the egg, Mario finds the Berry-Bomb and the remote detonator.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 8 cover

トゲゾー軍団復活!! Pスイッチに注意せよ!? (Spiny Army Revival!! Watch out for the P-Switch!?)

Traversing Chocolate Island 5, Luigi is scared and curious of the content of the different Empty Blocks boxes. The guys trapped inside those, hearing their voices, ask them to free them by pressing the near P Switch. Luigi goes to press it, but the Switch is located above a bridge of Empty Blocks that just turned into coins. Luigi falls into the abyss. Mario mourns the death of his brother, but Yoshi makes him notice that they have been tricked: the boxes contained Spinies.

Mario grabs the coins and orders Yoshi to eat the enemies. Yoshi does that, but the Spinies crawls out from his mouth, deprived of their spikes, but grow out another set, explaining they are not like any other Spinies. Running from them, Mario and Yoshi finds a Roulette Block and obtains a Super Star from it. Invincible, Mario defeats all of the Spinies but one. The last Spiny wastes time in monologuing about a bigger and meaner Spiny that is locked up in the level while Mario sneakily puts coins on him. When the P Switch timer runs out, the Spiny is once again trapped in a cage of Empty Blocks.

Continuing their journey, Mario and Yoshi finds a Skull switch. Judging by the symbol and what the Spiny said, Mario understands that he should not press it, but by force of habit, his foot has already pressed it. This frees a fierce Kyodai Togemetto and repeatedly stabs Mario with his spikes. About to get the final stab, Mario and Yoshi are saved at the last second by Luigi riding a Flying Platform that saved his life. Slamming it on the ground, the Kyodai Togemetto capsizes on his back, and Mario grabs a Cape Feather to tickle him as punishment.

Special Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 bonus chapter 1 cover

スーパールイージくん (Super Luigi-kun)

Luigi lost sight of his friends: seems to be he is going to be the sole protagonist of this bonus chapter, but no one enemy he encounters takes him seriously. First, a group of Goombas walk right past him, then a Bullet Bill hits him while flying by. Luigi decides to grab a power-up to have some sort of weapons and finds a Cape Feather in a ? Block. Finally, a Sumo Brother tries to engage a battle with him, but Luigi keeps tripping with his cape and does not know how to use it, continuously keeping crashing everywhere and knocks down himself. Mario and Yoshi passes by, but do not recognize Luigi due to all the bruises he caused to himself, leaving him behind.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 9 cover

炎のチビライタ!! とーちゃん助けに大突進!! (Dino-Torch's Flames!! Great Rush to Help Daddy!!)

Luigi and Yoshi are climbing a steep hill to reach Wendy's Castle, Mario flies with the cape, but he gets burn when he reaches the top. A young Dino-Torch is encountered by the trio: he is not evil, his father, a Dino-Rhino, has been kidnapped by Wendy to be used as a slave. Not wanting to repeat the same experience with the young Boo, Mario promises to help his father, as long as he does not follow them and makes their lives hell, like the Boo did.

Inside Wendy's room, the Koopaling is forcing the Dino-Rhino to clean the castle and test if the traps work. Mario and his friends enter the castle and, even if all the Skewers, Grinders, falling spikes are perfectly working, the trio reaches Wendy's room in a short time (although, not without any injuries). Wendy and the Dino-Rhino hide in the pipes, popping out every once in a while. Mario tries to anticipate her, but every time ends up hitting Dino-Rhino (due to his head silhouette being similar to Wendy's). Meanwhile, Luigi and Yoshi catches the two Zigzag Lava Bubbles, getting burned in the process.

However, Wendy gets the upper hand and stomps on the three heroes. Before she can do anything else, Dino-Torch runs in the room and, ready to save his father, stokes the lava flames with his fire breath, making the lava rise to the pipes, making Wendy and Dino-Rhino jump out from them. While Luigi and Yoshi takes Dino-Rhino to safety, Mario hits Wendy with a golf club, straight in one of the pipes, where she gets stuck. Wendy is defeated, and the Dino family is reunited.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 10 cover

恐怖のクリスマス!? アスレチックリレー征服作戦!! (Christmas Terror!? Athletic Relay Conquer Strategy!!)

On their way to leave Chocolate Island, the heroes find a sign saying that Princess Peach will make a Christmas outdoor party in which a tree is gonna be decorated and food will be served. However, something is strange, at the party there is no one, the food is fake, the tree has no decorations and Peach is actually Wendy in a tiny disguise. Furious, the heroes try to leave, but Wendy tosses at them some Lava Bubbles. Dodging them, Mario and his friends jumps on a lift tracked on the tree, where the decorations are revealed to be obstacles and hazards.

Separated on two different lifts, Mario is taken on a track full of thorny hazards, while Yoshi and Luigi, trying to avoid a Chainsaw, jump on some ropes and get tangled in those. While Mario is getting pounded and hurt by Spinners, Spike Traps, Bob-ombs and Grinder, Luigi notices that the tree topper is a Super Star. After getting stung by some Fuzzies, Mario finds a vine inside a Rotating Block and reaches the top with it.

Invincible, Mario jumps off the tree and lands on Wendy, turns off the hazards and frees his friends. After rolled Wendy in the tree, transformed in a Kadomatsu, Mario tosses it and her off a cliff, killing the Koopaling.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 chapter 11 cover

クッパ城突入!! ライバルたちを打ち破れ!! (Bowser's Castle Rush!!! Defeat the Rivals!!)

After reaching the beach, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi see the Valley of Bowser entrance emerging from the sea, but before they can make up a plan to reach the cave, from the entrance, a giant tongue catches them and slurps them inside, where they fall unconscious.

Part 1[edit]

Mario wakes up tied with his friends and hung to a Fishin' Lakitu statue in Bowser's throne room. Bowser lowers them in a tank filled with Urchins. The Urchins' spikes cut the ropes and the three run, but curiously, Bowser is not at all worried of their escape. The trio reaches the first hall of doors: in the first door, a Bowser face on a spring pops out, scaring them; in the second door, Mario and his friends face against a bunch of Viruses that Mario defeats with cape twirls; in the third door, the trio finds a UFO that Mario recognizes as the one seen in Muda Kingdom.

Indeed, all the enemies from Super Mario Land comes out. Via a TV screen, Bowser informs them that he recently made a deal with Tatanga and rented his minions. Luigi tries to defeat them by using the shell of a black Koopa. Mario attempts to warn him, but the Bombshell Koopa explodes in their faces. Mario finds a Super Star in a ? Block. The Koopa Troop is worried (and angry for the irresponsible Super Star placement), but Bowser is still calm, making a necklace out of 1UP Hearts for Peach.

Inside the fourth door, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi finds themselves in a flood room, where Dragonzamasu and Tamao stand guard. The two bosses have the upper hand until they get blinded by the light reflecting on Mario's bald head. Taking advantage of this, Mario blows into Dragonzamasu's snout until he pops like a balloon, while Yoshi burns Tamao with his fire breath, making a sunny-side-up egg out of it.

The trio proceeds to the next set of rooms. In the room number 5, Mario finds a troop of Tokotokos and Batadons, led by Hiyoihoi. The boss tosses Ganchan at Mario, but Yoshi eats them and Mario launches him like a bowling ball against the Moai. Furious, Hiyoihoi orders his minions to group together in a ball formation. Mario tries to defeat them with a cape twirl, but he fails and is beaten. A package arrive from Princess Daisy. Inside, Mario finds his broken Marine Pop. Luigi tries to fix it use it every item in their possession. In the end, the Yoshi Wings repairs the submarine and gives it the ability to fly.

Bowser is now worried and orders, via speaker, to destroy the Marine Pop, but it is too strong for them and they get destroyed instead. Flying for the castle, Mario and his friends reach the last and dark room. Inside, they find Peach tied and hung by the ceiling. Rescued her, the Marine Pop flies out from the castle and the Valley of Bowser. Bowser makes a sigh of relief: his plan worked just fine.

Part 2[edit]

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach reach the shores of Yoshi's Island and celebrate: the adventure is over. Suddenly, Bowser jumps on top of the Valley of Bowser entrance and makes it fly. Mario and Luigi prepares to defend the Princess, but Peach hits them with a rock. Something is wrong and, in front of everyone eyes, Peach reveals that they never rescued the real Princess Peach, but a disguised King Totomesu: the real Peach never left her chambers and never noticed Mario's arrival.

Bowser let Totomesu do whatever he wants to the heroes, but after burning them with two fire breaths, Hiyoihoi and the Moai arrive and starts arguing and fighting with Totomesu to see who can beat Mario. With the two bosses busy, Mario and his friends gives all the attention on Bowser and his flying cavern. Mario avoids some Bullet Bills shot at him, but the tongue of the cave beats him and launches him into space.

Mario lands on something, which is revealed to be the Star World. The Star habitants of the planet offer their assistance to help Mario defeat Bowser. Mario returns to Earth and is invested with the power of the Stars. Bowser tries to defeat him again with the tongue of the cavern, but Mario grabs it and starts to twirl it, then release the grip and sends Bowser and the entrance into space. As soon as he is done, Mario notices that Luigi and Yoshi are missing: while spinning, Luigi and Yoshi were slammed on the cave entrance and were sent to space with it.

Special Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 3 bonus chapter 2 cover

マリオ技Sドッジ必勝法 (Mario's Super Dodgeball Winning Strategy Technique)

The bonus chapter offers different events in the dodgeball match in chapter 2.

  1. マリオショット - 火の玉ショット (Mario Shot - Fireball Shot): Tossing a ball engulfed in a Fire Flower flames.
  2. マリオショット - 鉄球ショット (Mario Shot - Iron Ball Shot): Plummeting with the cape towards the enemy and then toss the ball to give it more momentum, making it as hard as a bowling ball.
  3. マリオショット - めくらましショット (Mario Shot - Blinding Shot): Throwing Wiggler's body part with the ball (just like Bowser threw a Pokey with the ball).
  4. マリオショット - 無敵ショット (Mario Shot - Invincible Shot): Powering the ball up with a Super Star to defeat multiple enemy with one throw.

This leads Mario and Bowser to argue and then fight for these cheating techniques ("It's no longer Dodgeball, it's boxing!" says Yoshi).

Two 4-komas are also present: ヨッシーのスーパーキャッチ (Yoshi's Super Catch):

  1. Yoshi's catches a ball with his mouth, but bites too hard and the ball explodes. Mario is angry: thanks to his hunger, Yoshi just eliminated himself.
  2. Bowser tosses a spiky ball, but Yoshi burns it with his fire breath.


突撃! 激戦クッパ城 (Charge! Fierce battle at Bowser's Castle)

  1. 魔王クッパの谷浮上!! (Valley of Bowser surfaces!!): Mario and his friends are watching as the Valley of Bowser entrance emerges from the sea, but it does not stop, continuously keeping emerging, elongating the mouth even more than its normal size.
  2. アッパレ (Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro): Mario is fighting an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother, but soon it becomes a battle of who can name the most objects that starts with "Ha-": Hammer, Hanger, Hamburger…
  3. ぁ魚軍団 (Fish Corp): While underwater, Yoshi eats a bunch of fishes. Mario compliments Yoshi for his hunger, but gets immediately attacked by Fishbones. Yoshi explains that he does not eat what he isn't familiar with.
  4. 大きなくいの部屋 (Large Pillar room): The heroes are traversing a castle room filled with Pillars. Yoshi keeps staying behind: later is revealed that he is taking advantage of the Pillars to make pancakes.
  5. 金あみの部屋 (Fence room): While climbing a Fence, in order to avoid a Zigzag Lava Bubble, Mario hides behind a Flip Panel. A climbing Koopa passes by, restricting Mario to the other side, and the Koopa pranks him by putting Zoos signs in front of Mario (such as "Careful, He bites!" and "Don't feed the animals").
  6. 第三の部屋 (Third room): in the third Room of Bowser's Castle, Mario and Yoshi tries to find a way in the room filled with tapestries. Yoshi points to the Mechakoopas roaming in the room, and suggest watching what tapestries they walk past to understand which can be walked through. One of the Mechakoopas come out from behind a tapestry, dressed like a princess.
  7. 第?の部屋 (Second room?): In the second hall of rooms, the trio tries to localize the right door to face. Mario notices a line of Koopas and propose to following it. Much to their shock, they realize they've been following the bathroom line.
  8. お待ちかね!クッパくんの登場じゃ! (Please wait! Bowser is here!): Time for the final battle. Bowser tries to squash Mario by releasing a Big Steely from the Koopa Clown Car, but a bunch of junk falls out instead.


マリオスーパー迷路 (Mario Super Maze)

  1. スーパー迷路スタート!! (Super Maze Starts!!): The first character in the Super Maze is Yoshi. It's surprisingly easy because it's the first one.
  2. テレサの館を突破せよ! (Break through the Ghost House!): Don't encounter a Boo in the Ghost House. Climb up and down the ladders and break through!
  3. ヒヨイホイをホイホイぬけろ!! (Get out of Hiyoihoi!!): Go through the huge Hiyoihoi body and get out. It's hard!
  4. 最終決戦!クッパを倒せ!! (Final decisive battle! Defeat Bowser!!): Finally the last one! Save Princess Peach!!


  • When Yoshi tries to convince the brainwashed Rex to be a good guy, he asks him to remember the times they spent together, but Rex only can think of memories in which he got hurt and Yoshi got away scot-free, making him more mad. The same gag is used again in volume 36, during the battle against Mr. L.