Super Mario-kun Volume 6

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Super Mario-kun Volume 6
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan March 27, 1993
France September 23, 2015
Spain June 20, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 6 is the sixth volume of the manga series. It concludes the Super Mario World story arc, with elements from Super Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. 2.

The first six chapters, much like in the previous volume, take place before the events of volume 4, since Peach is still being held hostage by Bowser in his still standing castle. After chapter 6, the events of the Super Mario Bros. 2 story arc take place, but those are narrated in volume 8. From chapter 7 onwards, the events take place after the ending of volume 4, with Peach just being rescued from the Valley of Bowser only for her to be kidnapped again and being taken to the Special Zone.

The last chapter is an anticipation of the next story arc, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

This volume's extras are puzzles.



Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 1 cover

大怪獣決闘!? ヨッシーVSバトラハナチャン!! (Great Monster Duel!? Yoshi VS Battra Wiggler!!)

Bowser and Kamek, aching and hurt by a past duel with Mario, find themselves waiting for him in the Forest of Illusion, where Kamek explains that they'll destroy him with the help of the kidnapped Wiggler. When Mario, Luigi and Yoshi arrive, Bowser and Kamek, hidden in some bushes, remove Wiggler's flower from her head and quickly replace it with a Muncher, creating a Battra Hanachan, an evil Wiggler with a prickly body. Bowser unleashes the Battra Hanachan on Mario.

Mario gets bit by Battra Hanachan, while Yoshi gets trapped in silk spit by her. Luigi notices the Muncher and tells Mario to remove it to turn her back to normal, but the Muncher bites Mario's hand. Battra Hanachan, then, cocoons herself and is reborn as a giant moth that spits electric rays. Mario and Luigi jumps behind Yoshi's silk ball and the Battra Hanachan destroys the ball and Yoshi with one of her rays.

After collecting Yoshi's pieces, Mario gets an idea. While Bowser is yelling at Battra Hanachan for accidentally making some rocks fall on him, Mario defeats a bunch of enemies and Luigi grabs two eggshells. Mario puts enemies and Yoshi's remains between the two eggshells and close them, creating Star Yoshi. With a giant monster on their side, Mario's party is ready for a fair fight.

Even though Yoshi continues to take hits, he wins by destroying Battra Hanachan's wings and then tears the Muncher from her head, turning her into a normal (but flowerless) Wiggler. Furious, Wiggler chases Bowser and Kamek, while Star Yoshi is rewarded with some back massages and a big enemy feast.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 2 cover

スフィンクス出現!? 地蔵マリオで謎を解け!! (Sphinx Appears!? Solve the Mystery, Statue Mario!!)

Mario has just defeated Lemmy and the Hae Yoshi and, after having fun with the Koopalings' Mario Paint copy, him and his friends continue to explore the castle, where Bowser just placed a new trap: the Sphinx Zō. The giant Sphinx blocks Mario's party's path and gives them a riddle to solve, otherwise they'll suffer the consequences. The riddle is a simple "find the intruder": who's out of place between a lion, a panda, an octopus and an elderly woman? Everyone, logically, points to the woman, but they fail: since the woman is named Suzuki Kuma ("Kuma" means "Bear"), that makes her a land animal, so the octopus, being a sea creature, was the intruder.

The Sphinx Zō punishes the party: Luigi is turned into stone, when Mario's turn arrives, he manages to grab a Tanooki Suit and turns into Statue Mario, avoiding the punishment, but now he cannot revert from the statue form (Yoshi, meanwhile, is spared since the stone spell doesn't work on "stupid kids"). Mario asks the Sphinx if there's a chance to make it withdraw the stone spell, and the Sphinx says that if they manage to walk through a hall full of Bowser Statues, then it'll consider it.

Mario and Yoshi enter the hall, since Luigi cannot move, but Mario can hop. Thanks to his stone body, Mario passes through the flames of the statues. They then come across a statue with multiple arms, armed with many weapons, but they notice that it's just a row of two-armed statues hidden one behind the others. With a domino effect, the statues topple over and Mario and Yoshi finally exit the room, but the Sphinx doesn't keep its promise: since Luigi didn't go with them, they failed.

Angry, Mario attacks the Sphinx by tossing his staff at it, but the Sphinx Zō grabs it. Then, the Sphinx flies above Mario and crushes him. Then, with its Spinner tail, hits the Mario Bros., making Mario's head fall from his body. Yoshi launches Mario's head to the Sphinx, but it hits him back. Mario, then, grabs a block with his teeth and jumps towards the Sphinx, who eats him. Ready to finish Luigi and Yoshi too, the Sphinx explodes: inside the block that Mario hit inside the beast's belly, a vine sprouts out and burst out from the Sphinx, destroying it.

The Koopa Troopas, who have been watching the fight from some cameras, are worried and try to inform Bowser, but he's busy playing Super Mario Kart. Meanwhile, Yoshi creates an elephant statue with the pieces of the Sphinx Zō.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 3 cover

サーキットの猿!?マリオカートで大激走!! (The Circuit Primate!? A Big Mario Kart Race!!)

While keeping exploring Bowser's Castle, the party arrives to a kart circuit. Suddenly, a kart pilot wearing a balaclava challenging Mario into a kart race. Mario accepts, but first he wants to know his face. The masked pilot refuses, but when Luigi drops some Bananas, the pilot jumps at them, losing his balaclava, revealing him to be Donkey Kong Jr.

Mario and Junior prepares to race. Right from the starting line, Mario realizes that this race will be full of cheating and traps: Lakitu slams him with the traffic light right by the start, walls appears from the ground, Junior's kart has gadgets that hit Mario, and when he's finally in first place, Lakitu grabs him with his fishing rod, stalling him.

A Blargg tries to attack Mario, but he clogs the monster's mouth with many Red Shells, losing the chance to hit Junior. When they are crossing the Thwomps section, Mario is almost squashed, but Luigi tosses Yoshi under one of the Thwomps, blocking it thanks to his hard skull, but then Mario crashes straight into another Thwomp. Junior laughs, but Mario comes out, holding the front wheel axle with his mouth and the back wheel axle with his feet.

So, Junior prepares the last trap: Spike Traps on the floor, but Mario pass over a ? Panel, obtaining a Feather, which he uses to jump over it. Junior is so shocked by it that he goes off-road, falling into the lava, and Mario wins. Later, Bowser punishes Junior, leaving him to ponder on his failure.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 4 cover

氷上レース!! 氷の海でアイテムを探せ!! (Ice Race!! Find an Item in the Sea of Ice!!)

Mario's party arrived in a cold room of the castle, where there's another circuit. The three have fun with the snow, even create a chubby snowman of Mario. Suddenly, a trio of Koopa Troopa pilots appears, but they all crash in the Mario snowman. The heroes then have fun with the Koopas' karts, even if Yoshi slides off on the ice and falls in a cold pond, so Mario tows him on a sleight.

Another racer arrives: a Mega Mole (whose weight continuously breaks the ice of the track). Scared, Mario abruptly hits the brake, sending Yoshi flying on the Mega Mole's face. While the enemy is distracted, Luigi passes a Poison Mushroom to Mario to use it against the Mega Mole. Mario tosses the Mushroom, but the Mega Mole slaps away Yoshi from his face, hitting the mushroom that lands right in Mario's mouth, shrinking him. Mario doesn't get squished for the time he spends as Mini Mario, and grabs a Red Shell, but Yoshi eats it. Mario gets angry, but comes up with a plan.

Yoshi is tied to the back of Mario's kart and, using the fire breath to melt the ice behind them and around the Mega Mole. However, the Mega Mole's kart goes in hovercraft mode and jumps on them, crashing them under the ice. Under the cold water, Mario notices some frozen icebergs with items inside and grabs the Lightning. After putting his cape on the kart, jumps out of the water and uses the Lightning to shrink him. Sad that he got reduced to a Monty Mole's size, the Mega Mole pleads to be big again, and Mario, feeling generous, puts him inside a Mega Mole snowman, much to his dismay.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 5 cover

キャサリン登場!! きのうの敵はきょうの恋人!? (Birdo Appears!! Yesterday's Enemy is Today's Lover!?)

During the preparation of the upcoming New Year Festival at Bowser's Castle, a strange package arrived at the castle from the sky: inside, Bowser found Birdo, some Shy Guys and some members of the 8 bits. As a Koopa rightfully guesses, the package was supposed to be sent to Wart, the Subcon's nightmare king, but arrived in the Valley of Bowser instead. Bowser is not happy of having such creatures in his castle, but with how strong Birdo's Eggs are, decides that maybe she could be a hard adversary for Mario.

Some time later, while exploring Bowser's Castle, Mario's party stops for a lunch break, but the three are suddenly kidnapped by a Bob-omb on an Albatoss and taken into a room where Birdo is waiting for them. Due to her strange face, they don't take her seriously. Angry, Birdo sucks Mario's face in her snout. Mario frees himself and Birdo orders a group of Shy Guys to attack them, but Mario notices that they are near Bowser's vegetable garden. Mario uproots some turnips from the ground, scaring the Shy Guys, but Yoshi eats all the vegetables. Mario is angry, but then lies Yoshi to the ground and stomps on his belly, making him spits all the turnips, hitting and defeating all the Shy Guys.

Birdo sends in some Flurries that freeze Mario and Luigi in two Ice Blocks. Yoshi saves himself thanks to a warm futon and some Yoshi Cookies. The two reptiles fight, launching their respective eggs at each other, but then Birdo starts to spit flames, so Yoshi jumps in her snout, clogging it. Suddenly, a Flying ? Block appears from nowhere and tosses five Cherries at Mario. With them, Mario becomes invincible and defeats Birdo with one punch, also helping Yoshi out from her snout.

Birdo falls on top of Yoshi and, when she regains consciousness, falls for him due to that "great kiss" they shared, while Yoshi is not pleased to have a clinging girlfriend. While helping his brother out from the ice block, Mario asks who send him those cherries. The last panel of the chapter shows Toad in Subcon, who happily smiles towards the sky.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 6 cover

マムーからの刺客!! 変身カメーンルイージ!? (Wart's Thugs!! Masked Luigi's Makeover!?)

Birdo has joined Mario's party, and she's helping them in their journey through Bowser's Castle. After entering in one of the rooms, the four meet Mouser, who's busy punishing the Shy Guys for not letting them know they ended up being delivered in the wrong place. Mouser then scolds Birdo too and orders her to come back to Subcon, but she refuses, saying she found the love of her life. While the two are busy fighting and bickering, Mario and his friends try to leave, but are attacked by a Phanto.

The mask attaches itself to Luigi, making him violent and brutish. Mario tries to stop him with a Panic formation with Yoshi Cookies, but only manages to put Phanto-Luigi against Mouser too. Angry, Mouser tosses four bombs to Luigi, but he grabs all the bombs and tosses them to everyone else in the room, defeating Mouser. One of the walls explodes, revealing Bowser, who yells at Birdo for her betrayal. Bowser, to stop the furious Luigi, pulls out a Carrot he recently bought and eats it, but instead of a rabbit, Bowser turns into an ox. Embarrassed, Bowser blames the seller, who runs past the heroes with a kart, almost running them over.

Luigi still punches everyone. A Shy Guy arrives to help Mario, by passing him a Stopwatch. Everyone and everything, but Mario and the Shy Guy, stop at the activation of the Stopwatch. Mario finally manages to pull away the Phanto from Luigi's face and tosses it away. When the time runs again, Mario asks himself where the Shy Guy went, but he's suddenly distracted by Yoshi: the Phanto landed in his face, and now he's the one going berserk. Meanwhile, it's revealed that the Shy Guy was Peach in disguise, but was promptly taken away in her chambers by a Koopa Troopa and a Flying Goomba.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 7 cover

新たなる冒険!! スペシャルゾーンに突入せよ!! (A New Adventure!! Break into the Special Zone!!)

Minutes have passed since Peach has been rescued, Bowser, who was tied and dragged, was left in a ditch. Peach starts feeling hungry and, since Yoshi refuses to let her eat his eggs, she sees in the distance a house made of sweets (just like the Witch house in Hansel and Gretel). However, when she enters the house, it starts to fly thanks to a rocket booster under it. It was all a trap created by Kamek. Mario tries to save Peach, but he's burned by a Burner. Before the house disappears, the party notices that the smoke left behind by the flying candy house wrote "Special Zone" in the sky. Yoshi explains that it's a hidden region of Star World, full of hard and perilous levels.

After reaching the Star World, Mario reaches the Special Zone and they enter the first level: Gnarly. Luigi and Yoshi starts climbing the vines, but Mario tries to skip the level by flying with the cape. Suddenly, Mario is attacked by the Hard Blocks and the Vines. This is what makes the Special Zone difficult: even the course elements are against you. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are coiled by the vines. After being strangled to unconsciousness, Mario is tossed to the ground, but lands onto a Hidden Block. The Block decides to help him, sprouting out a vine of Fire Flowers. Mario uses the Fire Flowers to turn into Hinotama Mario and burns down the vine and the blocks (alongside Luigi and Yoshi).

The chapter ends with Kamek's flying candy house arriving at the far end of the Special Zone, where Bowser and the Koopa Troop are building the new Bowser's Castle but, with their current resources, they can only create a dog kennel.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 8 cover

風まかせ風船旅行!? Pバルーンで空を飛べ!! (Sailing Balloon Trip!? Fly in the Sky with a P-Balloon!!)

While the Koopa Troops are trying to improve their kennel with a cardboard cutout of Bowser's Castle, Mario's party has reached Tubular. Mario, unfazed by the athletic level, attempts to skip it by flying, but a Koopa Paratroopa steals his cape. Yoshi promptly saves Mario from falling with his tongue. Mario curses at the Paratroopa and, while he mocks Mario, backs off and hits a ? Block, revealing a Power Balloon inside. The heroes take it, become balloons and float towards the end of the level.

Suddenly, a Warp Pipe attacks them by shooting nails at them, hitting Luigi and Yoshi, making them fly away into the air, presumably towards their demise. Mario, angry, avenges them by destroying it with a tackle. Balloon Mario then encounters a Jumping Piranha Plant who bites him, but he manages to patch the holes with some band-aids, then defeats the Piranha Plant by tossing a Power Balloon at it, making it float away.

After that, Mario encounters two Passin' Chucks standing on two Rotating Blocks. One of them tries to attack Mario, but the football bounces on Balloon Mario's belly, hurting the Chuck instead. The other one, then, pulls out a spiky football. Mario tries to escape, but he's hit and falls into a pipe. While the Chucks cheer, Mario comes out from the pipe, which is revealed to be friendly and also a Pipe Cannon, shooting Dangan Mario against the Chucks and a block from which Mario gets another Power Balloon.

Balloon Mario arrives to the end, where he finds Luigi and Yoshi alive and well: turns out that they landed on the opposite side of the cliff. Mario gets near the Tape of the Giant Gate, but the wind starts to blow him away.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 9 cover

熱砂の大攻防戦!! 死の砂漠を脱出せよ!! (The Great Battle of Boiling Sand!! Escape to the Desert of Death)

The party is traversing a scorching desert to reach the next level. It's so hot that Yoshi has to remove his skin from his body to endure it. Sweaty and hungry, the trio finds an oasis. In there, they find some Takoyakis, but when they try to eat them, they discover that those are disguised Bob-ombs that explode to their faces. After that, Luigi notices the oasis is fake as well: it's just a poster.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle (now a dump of furniture), Bowser is enjoying Mario's torture, but Peach, unnoticed, finds a Flying ? Block in the junk and, with a kiss of encouragement, asks it to bring to Mario an item.

The trio finds a lake. A nearby sign asks to cover themselves with sand if they want to dive in the lake and, too hot to questioning it, they party follows the instruction. After diving in, though, the Mario Bros. realizes that it's a trap: they covered themselves with bread crumbs and dove into a lake of frying oil. The two brothers manages to jump out, but Yoshi gets breaded. Then, a Blargg emerges from the frying oil and bites Yoshi, then goes for Mario.

Peach's Flying ? Block arrives and gives Mario a Frozen Super Mushroom. As Water Stream Mario, Mario defeats the Blargg and Peach rejoice. Bowser is upset with her, so Peach, to make up with him, offers to burn the trash, burning the so-called "castle" in the process.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 10 cover

湖の秘密!? ウルトラプクプク大暴れ!! (The Secret of the Lake!? Ultra Pukupuku Rampage!!)

While training synchronized swimming in a pond, Bowser is informed by a Flying Goomba that Mario is getting closer and closer. Bowser isn't worried, explaining the next level he'll have to face is very difficult.

Finally out of the desert, Mario's party has arrived to Mondo, a level with low water. However, few meters in, the three are submerged by a high tide. Mario takes his Frog Suit, but then gets hit by something that destroys his suit: a pesky Cheep Cheep. The Cheep Cheep continues to fight and giving the trio a bad time, but then comes the low tide, making the Cheep Cheep gasps for air, but he returns in full strength every time the tide rises.

Yoshi notices a cork on the ground and attempts to take it out, but he gets bitten by nearby Munchers. Quickly, Mario pulls out the cork and the entire water drains down. The Cheep Cheep gasps for air, but he suddenly becomes bigger and powerful and grows a pair of legs: he's an Ultra Pukupuku and the water was holding back his actual power. Mario tries to defeat him with a cape twirl, but the Ultra Pukupuku doesn't even flinch. With a tail swipe, Mario is sent flying into a rock.

Luigi and Yoshi are scared, but Mario gets out from the rock, inside which he found a 3-Up Moon, in the form of 3UP Mario. Using the Moon on his cap, Mario stabs the Ultra Pukupuku, and the sparks shrink it into the size of a goldfish. Mario humiliates the "no longer Ultra" Pukupuku, while Bowser, who has watched the fight via cameras, is getting more and more worried.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 11 cover

宿命の対決!! ドンキーコングJr.最後の挑戦!? (Confrontation of Fate!! Donkey Kong Jr: The Final Battle!?)

At Bowser's Castle (now a cave shaped like Bowser's face), Bowser meets with a Monty Mole: a new kart track, full of traps, has been prepared for Mario. Bowser intends to give Donkey Kong Jr. another chance and sends him to have a rematch. While Mario, Luigi and Yoshi reached the track and are having fun, Junior, boarding his kart, arrives and challenges them to a rematch race.

During the first trait of the race, Junior slams on a Pipe, while Luigi is assaulted by the Monty Mole (who was instructed by Bowser to help Junior) and goes crashing against Yoshi, destroying their karts. Mario is the only one left, so Junior tries to make him slip on a Banana peel, but Mario manages to not skid with the help of a Dash Mushroom. Junior then throws three red shells at him. He misses Mario, making him laugh at Junior, but then the Shells change direction and hit him, making him lose the lead.

Trying to use a jump line, Mario tries to jump over Junior, but he hits his kart, making him land on a ? Panel, from which Mario obtains a Lightning. Using it, Mario shrinks Junior, squashes him and then wins the race.

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 12 cover

マリオVSクッパ!! 白熱の風船割りバトル!! (Mario VS Bowser!! Incandescent Balloon Battle!!)

Mario and his friends are having fun on another kart track, when suddenly Bowser appears to challenge Mario to a Balloon Battle. Mario refuses, but Bowser captures Luigi and Yoshi and ties them with a Piranha Plant tongue: if Mario still refuses, they'll get eaten. Bowser explains the rule: whoever pops the adversary balloons will win, if Bowser wins, Mario will have to give up on rescuing Peach. Mario accepts and starts popping Bowser's balloon with a needle, but both Bowser and Luigi explain him he can pop them from their own kart and with an item.

The battle starts: Mario is the first one to pop a balloon with a Green Shell, however, from Bowser's popped balloon, a bunch of Monty Moles jump at Mario. Distracted by them, Mario gets two of his three balloons popped. With the Hinotama Mario form, Mario gets rid of the Monty Moles, but he's now at risk: he only has one balloon left. Mario tries to get near the back of Bowser's kart, but with a giant fan, Bowser keeps him away.

Bowser then attacks with a bunch of Green Shells, which Mario stops with his mouth. Mario goes to the pit stop but, being run by Koopa Troopas, they put a ball and chain on Mario's kart. Bowser is about to strike with another Green Shell, but Yoshi uses his tongue and attaches to Bowser's face, covering his eyes. Bowser flinches and accidentally hits his own balloon. Mario, to trick Bowser, draws his face on his balloon, to confuse him, and it works (even though Mario's face gets smashed by different shells). Bowser then presses a button that makes his kart spiky.

Mario attempts to escape, but he skids, slipping over a ? Panel and crashes on a rock wall. Bowser charges at him, but Mario disappears and Bowser's crash creates a landslide. Bowser's last balloon pops, while Mario is uninjured: he got a Boo from the Panel and became invisible and intangible. When Mario goes to hug his friends, now free from the Piranha, he discovers he was turned into an actual ghost, scaring Luigi.

Stage 13[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 13 cover

ピーチ姫を救え!! マリオとクッパの共同作戦!? (Rescue Princess Peach!! Mario and Bowser Join Forces!?)

At Bowser's Castle (now fully finished), while waiting to be rescued, Peach finds "Bowser's secret room" and sneaks in, revealing a bunch of girly and frilly stuff. In a basket, Peach finds Roasted sweet potatoes and eats them. Later, Bowser gets informed by a Flying Goomba that Peach transformed into an anthropomorphic baked potato. Bowser reveals that those potatoes were poisoned and were meant for Mario, but also reveals that, in the far ends of the Special Zone, grow the Pretty Mushrooms, that can revert Peach to her normal form.

Mario and his friends, riding a tandem-kart, they encounter Bowser and the Flying Goomba on the Koopa Clown Car, but they ignore them. The heroes stop Bowser, asking him where is he going in such hurry, and also ignoring the enemies he tosses at them. Bowser explains the situation and explains he's headed to search the Pretty Mushroom. Mario decides to beat him in this hunt, but the kart gets destroyed by a Big Steely, so Mario transforms Yoshi into Kart form, fusing him with a Mushroom and the kart parts.

While hindering each other, the two teams bumps onto a giant evil mushroom, that Bowser explains to be the Pretty Mushroom they are looking for, turned giant and evil thanks to his fertilizer. Getting mauled by the Mushroom, Bowser and Mario decides to cooperate and decide to lure the Mushroom towards a minefield of Bob-ombs, but Bowser gets knocked out after bumping his head on a pipe.

Mario jumps on Yoshi Kart and is getting chased by Mushroom and, getting near the minefield, puts Wings on Yoshi and flies off, and the Mushroom, not having time to stop, runs in the minefield, exploding and losing all his evilness. Bowser is defeated, so Mario and his friends tie him up, take over his castle and save Peach.

Stage 14[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 6 chapter 14 cover

強敵ワリオ現る!! マリオランドをとりもどせ!! (The Powerful Enemy, Wario Appears!! Take Back the Mario Land!!)

At the new Bowser's Castle (now renamed "Peach's Castle"), Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach are watching TV, where Bowser found a job as a TV comedian. Suddenly, the broadcasting is interrupted by a special announcement: Mario Land, the island that Peach gifted to Mario, has just been taken by a mystery villain. The villain enters the TV station and presents himself: it's Wario, Mario's childhood friend and rival.

Mario is angry and decides to go back to Mario Land and take it back. Luigi and Yoshi, instead of accompanying him, wish him good luck, while Peach gives him a Super Mushroom. With a Lakitu's Cloud, Mario return to Mario Land and meet two Flying Goombas, that reveal they are on Wario's side. Mario hits them, and the Flying Goombas eat his cloud. Mario falls on a ? Block, obtaining a sentient Carrot that turns him into Bunny Mario. Using his rabbit ears, Mario flies and whips the Flying Goombas.

The Carrot offers to help Mario to kick Wario out from the Mario Land, but they get attacked by a Ragumo. Mario tries to burn it with a fireball, but misses. A Bopping Toady latches its tongue on Mario, restraining him. Carrot tries to help him, but gets knocked out by the Ragumo, ready to drill Mario. Mario stops the drill-nose with the rabbit ears, then uses Peach's Super Mushroom on them, making his ears big. With this strength, Mario crushes the Ragumo's nose and defeats the Bopping Toady too.

Carrot put herself together (literally), and congratulates Mario. Wario, from Mario's Castle that he occupied, mocks Mario and tells him that if he wants to fight him, he'll need to collect the 6 Golden Coins from the six regions of the Mario Land, if he wants to access the castle. Mario accepts the challenges and throws his fist into the air while jumping, bonking his head on a tree branch.


マリオスーパー迷路・パズル (Mario Super Maze: Puzzle)

  1. マリオカート迷路 (Mario Kart Maze): Take coins and power up. Get the most coins through your path to the goal where Bowser is. How many can you get? (You can't go through the same place)
  2. 足あと追せき迷路 (Footprints chase maze): Follow the footsteps and let's catch Bowser ● If you come inside, you can only move in the footprints direction.
  3. ニンジン迷路 (Carrot maze): Which path can take you to the Carrot?
  4. がけっぷち迷路 (Cliff edge maze): Who will reach Princess Peach: Mario or Wario?
  5. ヨッシーのクッキークイズ (Yoshi Cookie quiz): Fake cookies are mixed in the one baked by Princess Peach. Look for her real Yoshi Cookie.
  6. まちがいさがし (Find the differences):
    • Take a closer look at the picture below. Now let's take a look at page 178.
    • Look for the differences from the picture of page 164. There are seven differences in all. If you can find without looking at the previous picture, you're a champion! Amazing! If you don't find all the differences, don't worry: feel free to take a look at the previous picture.


  • Chapter 1's final fight between Butra Hanachan and Star Yoshi is a nod to Godzilla vs. Mothra.
  • In chapter 6, Bowser is transformed into an ox, a nod to the Bull Demon King, the inspiration for Bowser's character and appearance.
  • The Yoshi Kart form makes Yoshi resemble the future Turbo Yoshi.