Ultra Pukupuku

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Ultra Pukupuku
Ultra Pukupuku
Species Cheep Cheep
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 6 (1993)

Ultra Pukupuku is a powerful Cheep Cheep from the Special Zone level Mondo that only appears in Super Mario-kun.

While traversing the Mondo level, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are pestered by a normal-looking Cheep Cheep. While the fish keeps giving them a bad time while underwater, it then gasps for air every time the tides lower, so Yoshi and Mario find the cork in a pit and remove it, draining the level from all the water. The Cheep Cheep gasps and flips around until it suddenly grows feet and becomes bigger, revealing to be a powerful Cheep Cheep known as Ultra Pukupuku, whose real power was refrained by the water. Mario attempts to hurt him with a cape twirl but fails and is launched into a rock, where he finds a 3-Up Moon, becoming 3UP Mario. Using the moon on his cap as a fishing hook, Mario fishes out the Ultra Pukupuku and zaps it with an energetic ray that shrinks it down to the size of a goldfish.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウルトラプクプク
Urutora Pukupuku
Ultra Cheep Cheep