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Not to be confused with Steward or Spewart.

Stewart is a Cheep Cheep in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the Blimp Conductor of Rogueport to Glitzville; his job entails checking the passenger's tickets and allowing them onto the Cheep Blimp. Due to his having a job on a blimp, his name may be a pun on the word "steward," another word for a flight attendant.

He loved the sea as a child and wanted to be a sailor. Goombella says his dream sort of came true because he is now sailing the skies when tattling on the one in Rogueport. In Glitzville, she breaks through the fourth wall, then notices that she did.

Strangely, Stewart is seen remaining on land when Mario departs on the Blimp, and is then seen at the destination upon arrival. How he reaches the destination before Mario and the blimp is never revealed; the original Japanese script does not indicate they are the same individual, and as such this may be a translation oversight. There might be one Stewart at each of the blimp's stops.

Tattle information[edit]

  • (Rogueport) That's Stewart, the blimp conductor. His job is to check blimp passengers' tickets. I hear he loved the sea even as a child and wanted to become a sailor... But now he's sailing the skies instead... I guess his dream sorta came true, huh? He's like an air sailor, or something...
  • (Glitzville) That's Stewart, the blimp conductor. He checks tickets for blimp passengers. He's what you call a Cheep-Cheep. Normally they don't hang out on land, but... They've actually been around for quite a while in the Mario Bros. series, you know. Oh, gosh, I just broke through the fourth wall, there, didn't I? Sorry. Just forget it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 飛行船のかかりいん
Hikōsen no Kakari'in
Airship Attendant
Italian Controllore del Dirigibile Smack (Rogueport's Stewart)
Caio (Glitzville's Stewart)
Cheep Blimp ticket inspector
Common Italian name
Spanish Stewart Stewart