Deepdown Depot

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Deepdown Depot

The Deepdown Depot is a shop located in the central Rogueport Sewers during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The store is run by a female Toad with an orange-spotted cap. Whenever she talks, she commonly says the word "um" before a sentence. In the right-hand corner of the shop, two crates filled with Gold Bars can be found. The store has some cracks in the walls, though it still appears to be sturdy.


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Slow Shroom

Slow Shroom TTYD.png

15 Coins Gradual Syrup

Gradual Syrup TTYD.png

15 Coins Ultra Shroom

Ultra Shroom TTYD.png

200 Coins
Jammin' Jelly

Jammin Jelly TTYD.png

200 Coins Gold Bar

Gold Bar TTYD.png

110 Coins Gold Bar x3

Gold Bar x3 TTYD.png

350 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Coconut Bomb

Coconut Bomb TTYD.png

8 Coins Courage Meal

Courage Meal TTYD.png

20 Coins Egg Bomb

Egg Bomb TTYD.png

15 Coins
Poison Shroom

Poison Shroom TTYD.png

25 Coins Zess Dynamite

Zess Dynamite TTYD.png

40 Coins


  • All of the items found here are exclusive to the Deepdown Depot. This is unlike all other shops, which each carry at least two items that can be found in at least one other shop.