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The Thousand-Year Door enemy
A Wizzerd.
Location(s) Pit of 100 Trials (Floors 71-79)
Max HP 10
Attack 6
Defense 3
Moves Laser Beam (6, Piercing), Confusion Beam (Confusion will happen if attack doesn't hurt Mario), Lightning Storm (6), Power Up (Raises Stats), Recover (Heals 6 HP)
Items Stopwatch, Thunder Rage, Super Shroom
Coins 0 - 4
Log A part-machine, part-organic creature who uses different kinds of magic. It looks to be the best tickler of all time.
Level 30
Exp. points 1
Sleep? 10%
Dizzy? 90%
Confuse? 40%
Tiny? 85%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 50%
Stop? 50%
Soft? 90%
Fright? 30%
Gale Force? 85%
KO? 40%

That's a Wizzerd. It's a part-machine, part-organic, centuries-old thing. Max HP is 10, Attack is 6, and Defense is 3. It uses magic to attack, heal, and alter your condition, so stay on guard. Its Defense is high, but we can totally take this thing!

Tattle Log #:

Wizzerds are enemies in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, they appear to be bean-like cyborg creatures with three-fingered hands. As implied by their "wizard"-derived name, they can use magic attacks and can fire energy lasers at Mario and his partners and also can raise their attack by turning bigger or even raising their defense. They can also use magic to cure softness. They can tickle the front character with their hands or use a lightning attack that can hit both characters at once.

They are tough enemies that only appear in floors 71 to 79 in the Pit of 100 Trials. While their weaker and stronger brethren have the ability to heal each other by 10 HP and clone when they are alone, the standard Wizzerds can only heal themselves or their allies by 6 HP and do not have the ability to clone themselves.

Related species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マホーン
Derived from「魔法」(mahō, "magic")

French Magyx
From magymagy ("wizzerd") with an "x"
German Gelber Magi-Mech
"Yellow" + clipping of "magic" and "mechanic"
Italian Magobot
From mago ("wizard") and the suffix "-bot"
Spanish Super Maguín Magú
Diminutive of famous Spanish magician "Maguito Magú" + "super"


  • Wizzerds are the only standard species in the game, and one of the only in the series, to be only found outside the main story (in other words optional); only Dark Wizzerds are found in the Palace of Shadow.
  • Just like the other Wizzerd species, they will not hit other enemies if the player uses Super Hammer or Ultra Hammer.
  • Despite being technically stronger than Dark Wizzerds (having 6 attack compared to 5, and 3 defense compared to 2), Wizzerds are actually 3 levels lower than Dark Wizzerds. This may be due to their inability to clone themselves when alone, and their weaker healing (6 health restoration rather than 10).