Charge (move)

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Paper Mario move
Goombario charging in a Paper Mario battle.
Mastered by Goombario
Attack power 0
Rank Super Rank
Effect Goombario charges power and attack Power raises by 2 the next time Goombario attacks
Target Goombario

Charge is an attack that Goombario and some enemies can use in Paper Mario. This attack is very similar to the badge of the same name. It uses up one FP to raise Goombario's attack power by two the next time he attacks. It is possible to Charge multiple times in a row for an increased effect. Goombario can use this move only after he is at the Super Rank. In addition to Goombario, some enemies, most noticeably the Hyper Cleft and its bald relative, the Hyper Goomba, and their winged and spiky relatives, can also use Charge.

This skill returns in the sequel where it is a badge under the same name, Charge, for both Mario and his partners. Some bosses, such as Macho Grubba, Cortez, Marilyn, Gloomtail and the Shadow Queen, have this skill as well.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャージ
Chinese 蓄力
German Aufladen Charge
Spanish Carga Charge