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Not to be confused with Bubble Shrub.
Bubble Plant
The Bubble Plant from Paper Mario.
Goombario using tattle on Bubble Plant.
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Hi! My name's Bubble Plant! You wanna know why my name's Bubble Plant? I'll tell you if you give me a Bubble Berry. Oh, awesome! Good going! OK! Get a load of this! Ummmm... Hrrrrrrrrr...... There! Isn't it great?!”
Bubble Plant, Paper Mario

Bubble Plant is a blue plant that resides in the west area of Flower Fields in Paper Mario. He has four leaves and a cone flower pointed west that can create and launch bubbles.

The plant rests right beside a large pit full of bramble. He is a peculiar plant who constantly blows bubbles into the air. Unlike the other unique plants in Flower Fields, Bubble Plant does not have a face, and his name appears to also be the name of his species. Upon speaking with him, he tells Mario that if he is given a Bubble Berry, he will demonstrate his abilities which will explain his nomenclature.

After Mario finds the tree that grows Bubble Berries near where Lily lives and hands one over to Bubble Plant, he will blow an enormous bubble that can carry Mario and his allies across the bramble pit, allowing Mario to travel further west to the Sun Tower. After Lakilester joins Mario's party, Bubble Plant's services become obsolete.


  • "It's a Bubble Plant. It looks like blowing bubbles makes him really happy."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャボン草
Shabon Kusa
Bubble Weed

French Plantabulle
Contraction of "plante à bulle" (bubble plant)