Bubble Plant

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Not to be confused with Bubble Shrub.
Goombario explaining Mario about the Bubble Plant.
“Hi! My name's Bubble Plant! You wanna know why my name's Bubble Plant? I'll tell you if you give me a Bubble Berry. Oh, awesome! Good going! OK! Get a load of this! Ummmm... Hrrrrrrrrr...... There! Isn't it great?!”
Bubble Plant, Paper Mario

The Bubble Plant is a blue plant that resides in the west area of Flower Fields in Paper Mario.

The plant rests right beside a large pit full of dangerous vines. The Sun Tower lies on the other side and Mario needs a way to get there. Next to the pit is the Bubble Plant, a mysterious plant who constantly blows Bubbles into the air. Upon speaking with the plant, it tells Mario that if he gives it a Bubble Berry, it will show Mario the real reason it's called a Bubble Plant.

After Mario finds a tree that grows Bubble Berries and hands one over to the Bubble Plant, it will blow an enormous bubble that is big enough for Mario and his partners to hop in. It will fly over the large vine pit until it reaches the other end - from there, Mario can access the Sun Tower.


  • It's a Bubble Plant. It looks like blowing bubbles makes him really happy.Goombario


  • The Bubble Plant is the only plant without a face that Mario talks to in Flower Fields.