Power Platform

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Mario, Goombario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Kammy Koopa on the Power Platform.
Kammy Koopa powering up the Power Platform.

The Power Platform is an arena Bowser uses during the final fight in Paper Mario, powered by Kammy Koopa's magic. It is modeled after the Koopa Clown Car and located atop Princess Peach's Castle. After Mario and his team defeat Bowser the first time, the fight wasn't over; Bowser led them right into a trap. Using this Platform, Bowser is able to increase his size and power, becoming completely invincible by preventing the Star Spirits' Star Beam from taking away the power of the Star Rod. However, after Princess Peach and Twink defeat Kammy Koopa, she uses her wishes to combine her power with the Star Spirits and thus create Peach Beam, which can nullify Bowser's invincibility once again. After Mario and his team defeat Bowser and recover the Star Rod, the Platform begins to malfunction due to the intensity of the battle, causing a chain reaction that destroys not only the platform itself, but Bowser's Castle in the process. However, following the explosion, the Star Spirits' magic prevented Peach's castle from exploding, bringing it safely back to its original spot from where the evil castle had taken it from.