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Mayor Penguin

Mayor Penguin is a Bumpty who is the mayor of Shiver City.


Mario can first meet Mayor Penguin during a party at Peach's Castle before the main events of Paper Mario. The mayor is one of the few lucky guests to have escaped the castle's hijacking by Bowser. Soon thereafter, he returned safely to Shiver City.

When Mario was attempting to leave Shiver City to get to Starborn Valley, he learned that he had to get the mayor's permission to leave. While searching for the mayor, Mario found him lying on the floor of his room, unmoving. The Mayor's wife then entered the room, and seeing her husband in this condition, believed him to be dead and accused Mario of murdering him. A nearby patrol, hearing the disturbance, decided to investigate. After hearing the story, he decided to give Mario a chance to prove his innocence by finding the true killer. Going by the only scrap of evidence he found, a paper that the Mayor was clutching with the word Herringway written on it, Mario went out to prove his innocence. Finding Herringway the author, Mario convinced him to go to the mayor's house where Herringway was accused of killing the mayor. While the patrol was placing Herringway under arrest, the Mayor suddenly sprung to life, having only been unconscious the whole time. The Mayor explained that he had only fallen and knocked himself out while getting a gift for Herringway; with this explanation, both Herringway and Mario were free to go.

While searching for the penguin that murdered the mayor, an alternate music is played in place of the normal Shiver City theme. This is the only time that music can be heard in the game.

Mario later had to go back to Shiver City to get a Bucket from the Mayor to gain access to Shiver Mountain. There is a letter addressed to him in a tree at Shiver Snowfield; delivering this letter with Parakarry rewards Mario with a Star Piece.

After Mario defeats Bowser, Mayor Penguin and his wife are seen outside of Peach's Castle, where he expresses his high hopes that this party will be more successful than the previous one. During the ending parade, he walks past some Bumpty ice skaters with his wife.


  • "This is the mayor of Shiver City, Mayor Penguin. He's a good friend of Herringway, another penguin. Everyone in the village relies on him. He's a little absentminded, but he does his job well. I know I've seen him in Toad Town before. I wonder if he's been to the castle? Ever seen him before, Mario?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムサムイ村の村長
Samui Samui Mura no Sonchō
Mayor of Cold Cold Village