Mayor Penguin

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Mayor Penguin
A sprite of Mayor Penguin from Paper Mario
Species Bumpty
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Ummm... I have the best intentions, but for some reason I always end up causing a ruckus.”
Mayor Penguin, Paper Mario

Mayor Penguin is a penguin who is the mayor of Shiver City. He appears only in Paper Mario.


Mario can first meet Mayor Penguin during a party at Peach's Castle during the opening of the game. The Mayor is one of the few lucky guests to escape the castle's hijacking by Bowser. Soon thereafter, he returns safely to Shiver City.

When Mario attempts to leave Shiver City to get to Starborn Valley, he learns that he has to get the mayor's permission to leave. While searching for the Mayor, Mario finds him lying on the floor of his back room, unmoving. Upon further inspection, he finds a memo with "Herringway" written on it in his hand. The Mayor's wife then enters the room and sees him on the floor. She initially thinks he is sleeping there, but becomes shocked once she approaches him. She returns with the penguin patrol and accuses Mario of murdering Mayor Penguin. After Mario denies killing the Mayor, the penguin patrol decides to give him a chance to prove his innocence by finding the true killer.

When Herringway is brought to Mayor Penguin's house, Mario tells the patrol about the Mayor's memo and he interprets it as a message about his death. As the patrol and Herringway argue, the Mayor suddenly springs to life, having only been unconscious the whole time. The Mayor explains that he had only fallen and knocked himself out while getting a gift for Herringway. He proceeds to give the gift to him and makes plans to talk about Toad Town with him. After that, he allows Mario to leave the city and towards Starborn Valley.

While searching for the penguin that “murdered” the Mayor, an alternate music track is played in place of the normal Shiver City theme. This is the only time that music can be heard in the game.

Mario later goes back to Shiver City to get a Bucket from the Mayor to gain access to Shiver Mountain. There is a letter addressed to him in a tree at Shiver Snowfield. Delivering this letter with Parakarry rewards Mario with a Star Piece.

After Mario defeats Bowser, Mayor Penguin and his wife are seen outside of Peach's Castle, where he expresses his high hopes that this party will be more successful than the previous one. During the ending parade, he walks past some penguin ice skaters with his wife.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

  • Tattle: "This is the mayor of Shiver City, Mayor Penguin. He's a good friend of Herringway, another penguin. Everyone in the village relies on him. He's a little absentminded, but he does his job well. I know I've seen him in Toad Town before. I wonder if he's been to the castle? Ever seen him before, Mario?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムイサムイ村の 村長
Samuisamui-mura no sonchō
Shiver City mayor