Mayor Penguin's wife

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Mayor Penguin's wife
Mayor's Wife in Paper Mario
Species Bumpty
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Oh, we have a guest! Welcome! You poor man, you must be freezing! If you'd like to see my husband, he's in the other room. Please, go right in.”
Mayor Penguin's wife, Paper Mario

Mayor Penguin's wife is a penguin who lives on the far west side of Shiver City with her husband.


Mayor Penguin's wife is first seen as soon Mario and his party members enter her house. She is happy to see visitors and gladly allows them to see her husband. However, she soon walks in onto her husband knocked out on the floor and she suspects that Mario murdered him. She soon calls the penguin patrol to investigate the scene. Even though Mario soon brings in Herringway, Mayor Penguin's wife still suspects Mario is the culprit. However, Mayor Penguin soon wakes up and his terrified wife thinks he is a ghost. Mayor Penguin soon explains everything and his wife is relieved. She soon apologizes to Mario for falsely accusing him and invites him to come back anytime.


  • "She's the wife of Mayor Penguin, who's the mayor of Shiver City. She has a bit of a problem with exaggeration. She loves mystery novels and longs to be a great detective. The way I see it, she's a bit too flighty to be a detective. You, however... I think you'd make a great sleuth, Mario!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムイサムイ村の 村長のおくさん
Samuisamui-mura no sonchō no okusan
Mayor Penguin's wife