Petit Piranha

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Petit Piranha
Sprite of a Petit Piranha, from Paper Mario.
Sprite from Paper Mario
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Variant of Fire Nipper Plant

Petit Piranhas are fiery Nipper Spore-like enemies appearing in Paper Mario. Only Lava Buds branching off from a Lava Piranha's main stem are known to produce Petit Piranhas; the seed-like spores they launch are lit upon exiting their mouths. Petit Piranhas are able to attack immediately after being released, so Lava Buds will fire Petit Piranhas if in danger. A Petit Piranha has a very high attack rating of 6, but they explode after making contact with Mario and company, no longer being on the battlefield. Additionally, Petit Piranhas, along with Tuff Puffs and Crystal Bits, have lower HP than any other enemy in the game. Along with the Lava Buds, they will be automatically defeated after the Lava Piranha itself has been defeated.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
Petit Piranha
Battle idle animation of a Petit Piranha from Paper Mario Max HP 1 Attack 6 Defense 0
Role Support Type Flying or Hover, Fiery Level 1
Strong Fire Weak Ice (KO), Water (KO) Moves Firecracker (6, defeats Petit Piranha)
Sleep? 100%, 0 Dizzy? 100%, 1 Shock? 100%, 0
Shrink? 0%, 0 Stop? 80%, 0 Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 0% Hurricane? 0% Coins N/A
Items N/A Run N/A Location(s) Mt. Lavalava
Tattle This is a Petit Piranha. Petit Piranhas spew from Lava Buds. Max HP: 1, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0 These things can do some serious damage, so watch it!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プチパックン
Puchi Pakkun
Petit Piranha; same as Nipper Plant

German Petit Piranha
Italian Pianta Tenaglia[1]
Nipper Plant