Stone Chomp

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Not to be confused with Chomp Rock.
Paper Mario Enemy
Stone Chomp
Sprite of a Stone Chomp in Paper Mario
Location(s) Dry Dry Ruins
Max HP 4
Attack 3
Defense 1
Moves Body Hurl (3)
Type Ground
Items None
Coins 5
Misc. stats
Level 10
Run N/A
Strong Fire
Weak None
Sleep? 0%, -1
Dizzy? 75%, -1
Shock? 50%, 0
Shrink? 75%, 0
Stop? 75%, -1
Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 25%
Hurricane? 25%

This is a Stone Chomp, who guards the treasure in this room. He's made of stone. Duh! Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 1 His jaws can supposedly crush a Coconut. I don't know about you, but I don't want to become a snack.

Stone Chomps are a variety of Chomp resembling living Chomp Rocks that live within the borders of Dry Dry Ruins in Paper Mario. They guard artifacts within the temple; when Mario takes an artifact, they surprise him by falling off the ceiling or jumping out of a wall design and then attacking him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストーンワンワン
Sutōn Wanwan
Stone Chomp
French Caillas'chomp Pebble Chomp
German Fels-Chomp Rock Chomp
Italian Stone Chomp -