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This article is about the vehicle from Paper Mario. For the court from Mario Sports Mix, see Star Ship (court). For the object in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Gunship.
Mario and Goombario flying the Star Ship
“This is the legendary Star Ship of Star Haven. Bowser is keeping his castle way up in the sky. With this ship, however, you can reach it.”
Eldstar, Paper Mario

The Star Ship is a ship built by the Star Spirits in Paper Mario. Mario and all of his partners use this ship to travel to Bowser's Castle. When Mario travels to Bowser's Castle, most of Toad Town's residents think it is a shooting star, and they wish for things such as: "I want Princess Peach to return," and a little Toad wishes for Shroom Cake. It docks inside the giant Bowser head in the front of the castle, which is a hangar for Bowser's Koopa Clown Cars. Mario can return back to the cruiser at any point and return back to Star Haven.

The Star Ship later appears during the parade when the player beats the game. All of Mario's party members are seen in or around the vehicle.

  • Goombario is relaxing on the Star Ship.
  • Kooper is waving to someone at the right side of the vehicle.
  • Bombette is also relaxing like Goombario.
  • Lady Bow is laughing as she uses her taunt.
  • Parakarry is flying over the vehicle, tossing confetti.
  • Watt is also hovering like Parakarry.
  • Sushie is jumping around inside of the vehicle.
  • And finally, Lakilester is also floating with his cloud but waves to the left and then the right side.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 星之船[1]
Xīng zhī Chuán
Star Ship
German Sternenbarke Star barque


  • In the map, Toad Town, the castle grounds, and Bowser's Castle are to the left of the Star Ship. But during the cutscene, Mario goes right.


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