Dane T.

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Dane T.
Mario and Goombario talking to Dane T. (the red Toad kid) and Mini T. (the green Toad kid) in the southern train station of Toad Town in Paper Mario
Dane T. (red) talking to Mario

Dane T. is a red-spotted Toad from Paper Mario. His name is a pun on the term dainty, meaning delicate. He is located in the southern section of Toad Town near the train station. He and the young Red Yoshi on Lavalava Island are pen pals and Parakarry delivers mail between them. His letter can be found in Dry Dry Desert. Dane T. is always seen with his best friend, Mini T.


  • "This Toad kid acts like an adult. He's always talking about his travels. His favorite trip so far has been on Dry Dry Railroad."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コノキノ
Both this and Mini T.'s Japanese name「コノピオ」(Konopio) are from「子」(ko, child) and「キノピオ」(Kinopio, Toads)
Chinese (Simplified) 库诺奇诺[1]
From the Japanese name
French Eden T. From édenté (edentate)
Spanish T. Dani From the English name and "Dani" (diminutive for Daniel)