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Wooster as he appears in the "The Kingdom Enquirer"

Wooster is a Toad who serves as the Mushroom King's chief adviser. He worries a lot about the Mushroom King, like Toadsworth does to Princess Peach.


He has never appeared or been mentioned in the Mario games, only in the Super Mario Bros. 3 comics and the Nintendo Comics System, as well as a few Nintendo Adventure Books. He is very polite and helpful, but can occasionally get fed up with the King; an example of this occurred when the King bought a crown that flashed things like "Big Cheese!" and "Kiss the King!" in neon. In that same comic, Wooster resigned, got captured by King Koopa, and, posing as a traitor, fed the Koopa King and his army enough food for a small hibernation. However, the Mushroom King still did not realize the importance of his adviser, although Wooster is who he relies on to make his simplest decisions, even the decision whether or not to fire him.