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Toadster running excitedly in Super Mario Adventures.
“Pipes! Pipes and more Pipes!”
Toadster, Super Mario Adventure

Toadster is a minor Toad seen in Super Mario Adventures. Toadster is one of Princess Toadstool's three attendants in Super Mario Adventures, and he can be differentiated from other Toads in that he has a mustache and almost constantly carries a yellow spear.

Toadster is first seen interrupting Peach's game of what would appear to be Super Mario Bros. to inform her, Toadman, and another unnamed Toad that Bowser and his troops had come to Peach's Castle through a Warp Pipe invasion. After much chaos, he goes off to find Mario and Luigi (an action he is successful in, although Mario had been turned into stone and later healed by the Minister of Massage) and is last seen unsuccessfully attempting to stop Peach from facing off with Bowser.

Toadster's name makes a cameo in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: Advance Tour, where it can be viewed alongside those of several other Super Mario characters on the scoreboard.