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Bridge Kinopio
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“You'd better believe it. I'm a bridge builder by trade - a real bridge-repair guru!”
Bridge Kinopio, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Bridge Kinopio[1] is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is a green Toad who specializes in constructing bridges, as well as providing decent amounts of information about notable bridges, such as those of Port Prisma and the Crimson Tower. Incidentally, the bridge in the blue district of Port Prisma is broken down, to the dismay of a yellow Toad nearby. He appears to have been trying to protest the destruction of the bridge, and upon realizing it is already broken, he tells Mario most of the important locations, such as the post office and café, are on the other side of the blue district. Although he states he is not a bridge expert, he does claim to be an expert on bridge experts, knowing of one out of town. However, he is not able to provide information on his whereabouts, to Huey's frustration.

Bridge Kinopio is found at the gate in front of the Crimson Tower. After Mario restores his color, the Toad thanks him for rescuing him, pondering why he left town in the first place. He remembers his intentions of coming to see the bridge leading into the tower, interrupted by his color being drained by a Slurp Guy. When Huey informs him of the bridge in the blue district, he quickly departs, determined to fix it. As soon as Mario returns to town, he finds the bridge is repaired, to the content of both Bridge Kinopio and the bridge enthusiast. Bridge Kinopio requests Mario cross it in admiration of his work. Both Bridge Kinopio and the bridge enthusiast become happy whenever Mario crosses it, pained if Mario hits it with his hammer, and concerned if he tries to fall off.

Just before Mario attempts to cross the bridge into Crimson Tower, Bridge Kinopio stops him, admiring the bridge before requesting to see Mario cross it, suggesting that is the process he is fond of. As Mario does cross the bridge, Bridge Kinopio can be seen happily and contently jumping.

While Bridge Kinopio does not appear physically in Paper Mario: The Origami King, he is referenced by a Toad near Peach's Castle who comments that an "expert on bridge experts" is needed to fix the bridge.


  • "H-huh?'re Mario!"
  • "I came here from Port Prisma to - Wait...why did I come here again?"
  • "Oh yeah! I came to see the bridge to the Crimson Tower."
  • "It's supposed to be a truly remarkable bridge. Any bridge builder worth their salt has studied it."
  • "But while I was trying to open this gate, some guy snuck up on me with a straw."
  • "But then you came along and saved me. So thanks for that!"
  • "You'd better believe it. I'm a bridge builder by trade - a real bridge-repair guru!"
  • "What?! This is an emergency! I have to get back to Port Prisma!"
  • "Just you wait, bridge! I'll fix you up real nice like!"
  • "Check it out! I fixed the bridge! It's as good as new."
  • "Of course, you never saw it when it was new, so you'll just have to trust me on that one."
  • "Please, go ahead and cross it. I love to see people enjoy my work."
  • "Hey! Mario!"
  • "This is it! The Crimson Tower bridge!"
  • "Isn't she a beaut?"
  • "Go on, Mario! Cross the bridge! Cross the bridge!"
  • "Go on, Mario! Cross the bridge! I wanna see what it looks like!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Ingegnere
Esperto di ponti
Costruttore di ponti
Expert in bridges
Bridge builder


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