Sunset Express

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Sunset Express
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Mario looking at Larry who had invaded the train with his minions.

How to access Obtain the orange Mini Paint Star from Tangerino Grill
Paint Stars Orange Big Paint Star v2.png
Things None
Boss Larry Koopa
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“That train sure ran into one disaster after another... I'm glad that we can laugh about it now!”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Sunset Express is a location found in Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the orange Mini Paint Star from Tangerino Grill, and will color in the Draggadon Fossil in Marmalade Valley after getting the orange Big Paint Star here. Larry Koopa is fought on top of the train after he hijacks it.


Mario and Huey first begins on a train station. A Big Thwomp, who is sleeping in the tracks, needs to be awakened with the Megaphone Thing so the train can continue on its way. Then Larry Koopa, who is actually the VIP from Tangerino Grill, and his henchmen hijack the train as soon as they hear Mario is heading to Starlight Cape to get the orange Big Paint Star, which Larry was trying to guard according to an order from Black Bowser.

Mario catches up with the train thanks to the help of the train conductor. He is able to rescue many of the red Rescue Squad members along the way. When Mario finally arrives to the engine, he encounters Larry Koopa and fights him. Right before the battle there's a Save Block. After the first turn of the battle, the train driver appears and asks Mario to cover him until he gets into the cabin and stops the Shy Guy who restores Larry's HP at the end of every turn. Larry's minions have to be fought every turn from that moment on. After three consecutive series of enemies defeated, the Toad gains control over the cabin and Larry isn't healed anymore. At this point, the true face to face battle against Larry Koopa begins. Then, the Cork Thing has to be used to stop the smokestack. After Mario successfully defeats Larry, the train arrives to its final destination of Starlight Cape. When he and Mario get off the train and are admiring the sunset, Huey sees a shooting star and makes a wish, which consists in getting the six Big Paint Stars back. Right after that, the Orange Big Paint Star comes down from the sky.


Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Megaphone (to wake up the tired Thwomp)
  • Cork (to plug up the train's smokestack during Larry's boss fight)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンセットエクスプレス
Sansetto Ekusupuresu
Sunset Express
Spanish Expreso del Ocaso Sunset Express
French (NOA) Express du Crépuscule Sunset Express
French (NOE) Express du crépuscule Sunset Express
German Abendrot-Express Sunset Express
Italian Ponent-Express West Express
Russian Западный экспресс
Zapadnyy ekspress
West Express