Peddler Toad

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Peddler Toad
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

Peddler Toad[1] is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is a purple Toad who serves as the main supplier for the ingredients of the Tangerino Grill. He is normally set up in the northwest corner of the kitchen, normally spectating and often offering Mario ingredients for his food.

When Mario enters the kitchen as it is under siege, the Peddler Toad, like the other Toads, is seen panicking. He claims he is reporting the restaurant to the health department. When Mario speaks to him after the infestation is cleared away, he tells Mario he is the restocking guy. If Mario fails one of the stations in the kitchen and speaks to the manager of the station, he tells Mario they are out of that ingredient, prompting the Peddler Toad to come over and tell Mario of his campaign. He gives Mario the ingredient for free the first time, requiring additional coinage if Mario fails later stations.

The more Mario fails, the more ingredients the Peddler Toad offers. Certain ingredients cost extra but are easier to use. For the dough minigame, the Excellent Dough is 10 coins, the Great Dough is 50 coins, and the Nice Dough is 80 coins. For the onion minigame, the Onions are 10 coins, the Slightly Cut Onions are 50 coins, and the Mostly Cut Onions are 80 coins. Additionally, if Mario burns the Mamma Mia Pizza once, Peddler Toad offers him the Rolled-Out Dough and Sautéed Toppings for 100 coins each, allowing him to skip certain phases of preparing the pizza.

If Mario fails perfectly preparing the Steak once, the Peddler Toad appears in the dining area alongside the Tangerino Grill Chef and the waiter. He now offers three different Things, each necessary for cooking the Steak. The Salt and Pepper cost 150 coins, the Charcoal Grill costs 300 coins, and the Lemon costs 200 coins.


  • "I'm SO reporting this place to the health department."
  • "I can't cook for beans. I'm just the restocking guy."
  • "I sell onions on the side! And I'm also running a test campaign."
  • "Take this for free. Don't worry about failing; it's OK as long as you've got coins! Good luck!"
  • "I still have lots of ingredients left! Let me know if you need anything."
  • "This restaurant gets all their ingredients wholesale from me!"
  • "But just between you and me, I'm still making a killing!"
  • "I also deal in culinary Things. Interested?"
  • "Salt and Pepper is 150 coins."
  • "The Charcoal Grill is 300 coins."
  • "The Lemon is 200 coins."
  • "You already have that."
  • "Do you need anything else?"
  • "Thank you! Come back again soon."


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