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Senchō Kinopio
The Princess Peach's captain in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

Senchō Kinopio is a character in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a pleasant purple Toad with a captain's hat and vest. As it would suggest, he is the captain of the Princess Peach. He requests Mario find the missing passengers and rewards him with a Collectible Treasure for doing so. He has a tendency to use the word "toot" frequently in his dialogue.


Senchō Kinopio is first seen after Mario defeats Paper Macho Gooper Blooper, being rescued along with many other members of his crew. He thanks Mario for rescuing him, claiming that he was not afraid of Gooper Blooper and anyone who says otherwise are dirty, mutinous fibbers. Before Mario leaves the ship, the Senchō Kinopio informs him of passengers who had abandoned ship and are stranded in the foggy sea.

After the fog is lifted from the Great Sea, Senchō Kinopio will be notified of it when Mario comes aboard the Princess Peach. If Mario has repaired all the Not-Bottomless Holes on the ship, the captain will be able to pilot the ship across the ocean in search for the passengers. Once Mario leaves the ship, Senchō Kinopio reassumes his position at the helm, and the Princess Peach starts to traverse the ocean. Mario must travel to various islands in the Great Sea and rescue all the Toads on those islands if he hasn't done so yet; after Mario saves the last Toad and leaves the island where he found that Toad, he will receive a notification that all the passengers who abandoned The Princess Peach have been found and rescued. When Mario returns to the ship thereafter, one of the crew credits him for everyone making it back in one piece and directs him to the captain, who wants to personally thank Mario for his efforts. Mario must go to the wheelhouse, where he finds Senchō Kinopio piloting the ship. When spoken to, he thanks Mario for safely returning the passengers and rewards him with Collectible Treasure No. 56: The Princess Peach.



  • "Thank you, Mario! I'm the captain of the Princess Peach. Toot toot! It was dark and scary inside that beast, but at NO point did I sob fully and uncontrollably. Any fibs stating otherwise are just that! Dirty, mutinous fibs! Toot toot! This ship was full of passengers, but we helped them escape in lifeboats to preserve customer satisfaction."
  • "I hope all our passengers are safe out there on the Great Sea... Toot toot..."
  • "Mariooo! Toot toooot!"
  • "We need to rescue the passengers that abandoned ship, but there's too much fog out on the Great Sea! If you see that the fog has lifted, will you come and let us know? Please? Toot toot?"
  • "Oh! Is the fog gone? Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know, Mario! Toot toot!"
  • "We can't set sail until all of the huge holes in the ship have been plugged. That could take a while... Toot..."
  • "You can see how many of the ship's holes have been fixed in the menu."
  • "Now we can pick up our former passengers that were scattered across the Great Sea! Once you're back on your adorable little ship, we'll head out. Thanks again! Toot—and, might I add—toot!"
  • "OK, crew! Let's go pick up those passengers! Anchors awaaaaay! TOOT TOOOOOT!"
  • "We're patrolling the Great Sea to rescue all the passengers that abandoned ship. Toot toot! If you see any stranded Toads out there, could you help them out?"
  • "Mario! Thanks to you, we rescued ALL of the passengers that had abandoned the Princess Peach! You're a lifesaver! Please, take this special souvenir with our thanks. Toot toot!"
  • "The Princess Peach is now free to resume regular pleasure-cruising procedures! Toot toot! Thank you, Mario. We really owe you one. Toot."
  • "Safety! Toot toot! Hospitality! Toot toot! Customer satisfaction! TOOT!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 船長キノピオ[1]
Senchō Kinopio
Captain Toad


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