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A Paper Macho Goomba

A Paper Macho Soldier, or Paper Macho, is a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are giant versions of Folded Soldiers and are the ones responsible for the Not-Bottomless Holes. Their name is a portmanteau of paper mâché and macho. Unlike the regular Folded Soldiers, Paper Macho Soldiers are battled while remaining in the overworld.

To defeat Paper Macho Soldiers, Mario must hammer their weak spot marked with King Olly's insignia. If there are no weak spots remaining, a flag with a sad face will appear above it and hammering it anywhere a few more times will defeat it, releasing a lot of confetti. Most Paper Macho Soldiers attack by charging at Mario.

Scuffle Island is an arena where Mario must battle seven Paper Macho Soldiers in a row.

List of Paper Macho Soldiers[edit]

  • Paper Macho Boo
    • "These oversized spirits are as skittish as their smaller counterparts, but turn your back and they'll come flying!"
  • Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle
    • "The personal pet of Scissors, stripped of its paper armor and Kamek's magic. It's still pretty dangerous!"
  • Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle
    • "This horrific creation was made from the faces of Bowser's minions. And each face still speaks, so it's really chatty."
  • Paper Macho Chain Chomp
    • "This wild animal is off the chain! Once it sets its big, round eyes on something, it'll chase it forever. So...start running!"
  • Paper Macho Goomba
    • "While not strictly origami, these monsters are employed by King Olly to fold, tear, and crumple the world."
  • Paper Macho Goomba Outlaw
  • Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
    • "A Paper Macho Soldier that attacked the Princess Peach cruise ship and sent Bob-omb flying overboard. What a jerk!"
  • Paper Macho Paratroopa
    • "A Paper Macho Soldier that's able to flap through the air. When it tries to dive-bomb you, that's your change!"
  • Paper Macho Koopa Troopa
    • "This Paper Macho Koopa Troopa fell asleep at Shogun Studios. Only a loud, echoing noise will wake it back up."
  • Paper Macho Lava Bubble
  • Paper Macho Mummy Goomba
    • "A Paper Macho Goomba that looks like a mummy but is actually just cold. It's cold inside ancient temples!"
  • Paper Macho Parabomb
  • Paper Macho Piranha Plant
    • "It lurks in the grass, waiting to snap up anyone who comes too close. If you get bitten, thrash around to escape!"
  • Mega Paper Macho Pokey
    • "The largest and clumsiest Paper Macho enemy in the world. It falls and rolls around without any regard for safety"
  • Paper Macho Shy Guy
    • "Another of King Olly's massive papier-mâché enforcers. More interested in playing soccer than socking players."
  • Paper Macho Snifit Outlaw
    • "This Snifit Paper Macho Soldier rules a motley band of outlaws onstage and makes that cowboy hat look great."
  • Paper Macho Spike Outlaw
  • Paper Macho Stone Spike
    • "A Paper Macho Soldier who rolls an unlimited supply of heavy stones. Get close and bop its belly between tosses."


‎Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハリボテ兵
Papier-Mâché Soldier
French Guerrier Mâcho de Papier Paste Paper Soldier
Dutch Papier-maché soldaat Papier mâché soldier
Italian Soldato cartapestifero “cartapestifero” is an pun on “cartapesta”(“paper mâché”)and “pestifero”(“bratty”)
Chinese (Simplified) 纸糊兵
Zhǐhú Bīng
Paste Paper Soldier
Chinese (Traditional) 紙糊兵
Zhǐhú Bīng
Paste Paper Soldier