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This article is about the cruise ship named after Princess Peach. For the actual character, see Princess Peach.
The Princess Peach
The Princess Peach cruise ship in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toads 7
Not-Bottomless Holes 18
Collectible Treasures 3
? Blocks 2
Enemies Cheep Cheeps
Fire Bros.
Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
“Ah, so that's the vessel known as the Princess Peach? How...subtle.”
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Sea Chart icon for The Princess Peach

The Princess Peach is a cruise ship named after Princess Peach in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is found floating in the Great Sea, located in the purple streamer district. Princess Peach's emblem is engraved on the ship's funnel.

The Princess Peach is first fully explored after Bob-omb has an epiphany from having witnessed Olivia getting crushed by a huge boulder by King Olly in Sweetpaper Valley; he asks Mario to return to Toad Town and set sail for the Great Sea. During Mario's first required visit to the ship to retrieve an item of important value for Bob-omb, he is forced to fight Paper Macho Gooper Blooper on the deck for the item.

Before Olivia gets trapped under the boulder, it is possible for Mario to visit the Princess Peach as soon as the Great Sea becomes accessible, although at this point in the game, debris will block the doors leading inside the rooms.


The Princess Peach in Bob-omb's flashback
“A while back...I was traveling aboard the Princess Peach with my buds. My Bob-omrades. My friends. We had all pitched in to share the VIP stateroom. Sure, some of us had to sleep on the floor, but... The open sea... The salty breeze... It was the best trip ever!”
Bob-omb, Paper Mario: The Origami King

According to Bob-omb, long before he met Mario and Olivia, he was traveling aboard the Princess Peach with his Bob-omb friends in the VIP room. It was a wonderful trip until Paper Macho Gooper Blooper attacked. He joined the others in trying to defend the ship, but ended up getting his fuse cut off and falling into the sea. He washed up at Toad Town without a fuse or any memories. He set off on a journey to see some sights to recover his memories and eventually met up with Mario and Olivia on a Toad Tram. He finally remembered his fate when he saw fireworks at Shogun Studios and decided to return to the ship to retrieve his late best friend's fuse, which he had kept hidden away in the VIP room. He uses the fuse to detonate himself for the sake of destroying the boulder and rescuing Olivia.


The Princess Peach floor map

The Princess Peach is bright and colorful, with an interesting design. It is found in the Great Sea, so it can only be accessed by a boat. Right after Mario and Bob-omb get off the boat, they can head up the steps onto the main layer of the cruise ship. This takes them up to a small pool with a few origami Cheep Cheeps in it, as well as a few Not-Bottomless Holes along the edge. From here, Mario can head behind the stairs leading to the second layer to find a short trail of coins leading to a treasure chest containing a collectible. After this, Mario can head up the stairs to the second layer. On the left side of the large column is a treasure chest containing a MAX UP Heart, giving Mario twenty extra HP. Behind this column are a few worthwhile coins. After Mario opens the chest, two origami Fire Bros. drop down from atop the column. They do not have to be defeated, but they do start throwing fireballs at Mario whenever he gets near.

Mario and Bob-omb must then enter the door on the main floor to reach a darkened, spooky room. When they try to use the elevator, it does not work due to the ship not having any electricity. There is a model of the Princess Peach that can be viewed in the northeast corner of this room, as well as a crumpled Toad in the southwest corner. If Mario rescues him, he simply shrieks before passing out. There is also a sign near the northwest corner Mario can view to see his specific position on the ship.

From here, Mario can head left to an adjacent room with two doors to the lounge, which is also in bad and dreary condition. There is a purple polka dot vase nearby revealed to be another traumatized Toad. Aside from this, there is also a nice table next to a sofa, a few tables and pillows tipped over, a large hole in the floor, and a crack in the window. Mario must hammer the crack to break open the window and jump through to reach the deck. If they enter the bow, Bob-omb gets another realization, most likely remembering the battle with Paper Macho Gooper Blooper.

Back on deck, Mario must walk around the left side of the ship and enter the first door. There is a ? Block containing a Flashy Hammer, an origami Snifit huddled in the corner, a ladder leading to the lowest floor, and a set of stairs leading to the higher floor. As Mario and Bob-omb climb these stairs, they accidentally step on another crew member, startling them both. At the top of the stairs are two doors: the one on the right is blocked off by a Scuttlebug, while the one on the left leads to the captain's quarters. Here, there is the ship's wheel, a few portraits depicting Princess Peach's appearances in past games, and a lever in a glass case in the southeast corner. Mario must break the glass and collect the lever, which can be used on the machine in the basement, restoring power to the ship. However, shortly after the power returns, the ship starts shaking.

Mario and Bob-omb must head back up the cruise ship, where some of the rooms are now covered in black goop that slows him down. Now that the power is back on, they can use the elevator to reach the inside of the second floor. There is a ? Block in the northeast corner containing Shiny Iron Boots, and a door in the northwest corner leading to the VIP room. This is a fancy room with luxury furniture, as well as a safe containing Bob-omb's special item. However, just before Bob-omb can open the safe, Paper Macho Gooper Blooper's tentacles break through the windows, grab the safe, and take it to the bow, where Mario must fight the Gooper Blooper. Mario defeats the Paper Macho Gooper Blooper, releasing a group of Toads who were trapped inside, including the ship's captain, and saving the cruise ship. As Mario and Bob-omb are about the leave the Princess Peach after recovering Bob-omb's item, the captain informs Mario of passengers who had abandoned ship and are stranded in the foggy sea.

When Mario comes across the Princess Peach with Captain T. Ode, the latter recognizes the ship and charts it in territory D-6 on the Sea Chart. After the fog is lifted from the Great Sea, the captain of the Princess Peach will be informed of it when Mario comes aboard. If Mario has repaired all the Not-Bottomless Holes on the ship, the captain will be able to pilot the ship in search for passengers who are scattered across the ocean after Mario leaves the ship. From this point, the coordinates of the Princess Peach on the Sea Chart constantly changes at every check. While the ship is moving around, Mario must travel to various islands in the Great Sea and rescue all the Toads on those islands if he hasn't done so yet. After all those Toads are found and rescued, they are seen on the ship's deck when Mario comes aboard, and the captain of the ship gratefully rewards Mario with Collectible Treasure No. 56: The Princess Peach, comparable to a model of the ship inside the trophy case in the first floor lobby.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 56: "A beautiful cruise ship offering relaxing ocean getaways. Its captain's fondness of the real Princess Peach is...evident."

Hidden Toads[edit]

In the first floor elevator room, there is a crumpled Toad in the southwest corner.
There is a purple polka dot vase in the lounge revealed to be another Toad when hammered.
When climbing the stairs connecting the first and second floors, Mario ends up stepping on the head of a Toad, startling him and Bob-omb.
In the first basement room, there is a Toad trapped underneath a crate.
In the second basement room, Mario must walk through the gap in the railing to find a Toad entrapped in the crates.
In the second floor elevator room, there is a Toad stuck underneath the black goop, just in front of the barricaded door.
Several Toads are rescued after defeating Gooper Blooper, including the captain.

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Mario must repair all these holes on The Princess Peach in order for the ship to traverse the Great Sea.

There are a few Not-Bottomless Holes surrounding the pool area.
There are two Not-Bottomless Holes on the second floor deck, in front of the barricaded door.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in front of the large column.
There is a large Not-Bottomless Hole in the center of the first floor room with the elevator, as well as a smaller hole beside it.
There is a similar, also large Not-Bottomless Hole in the center of the lounge.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole on the wall above the huddled Snifit.
There are a couple of Not-Bottomless Holes in the walls of the basement.
There are a couple of Not-Bottomless Holes in the other room of the basement - Mario must find the gap in the upper railing and drop down to find and fill them.
The final Not-Bottomless Hole is the large, gaping one in the machinery in the southwest corner of this room.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Behind the stairs on the aft leading to the second floor, there is a small trail of coins leading to a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #54: Block.
In the captain's quarters, in front of the Princess Peach portraits, there is a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #55: Super Star.
After rescuing all of the ship's former passengers stranded in the Great Sea, Mario must return to the ship and visit the captain, who rewards him with Collectible Treasure #56: The Princess Peach.

? Blocks[edit]

In the darkened area with the ladder to the basement, there is a ? Block containing a Flashy Hammer.
In the second floor room with the elevator, there is a ? Block in the northeast corner containing Shiny Iron Boots.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プリンセスピーチ
Purinsesu Pīchi-gō
S.S. Princess Peach
Chinese (Simplified) 桃花公主号
Táohuā Gōngzhǔ hào
S.S. Princess Peach
Chinese (Traditional) 碧姬公主號
Bìjī Gōngzhǔ hào
S.S. Princess Peach
Dutch Hr. Ms. Prinses Peach Her Majesty Princess Peach
French Le Princesse Peach The Princess Peach
German MS Peach
Italian Principessa Peach Princess Peach
Spanish Princesa Peach
Crucero Princesa Peach
Princess Peach
Princess Peach cruiser


  • One room in the ship has pictures of Princess Peach's appearances from each of the past games of the Paper Mario series.
  • The Japanese name of this ship is one of the only two instances where Peach's title is officially translated into its katakana form as 「プリンセス」 (Purinsesu) rather than the kanji form 「」 (hime), the other being the Japanese title of the game Super Princess Peach.