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Fortune Toad
Fortune Toad in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Ooh, I get excited every time... What's it gonna be?!”
Fortune Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Fortune Toad is a minor character in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a green Toad set up just outside the Earth Vellumental Temple, next to accessories stand. Mario can purchase fortunes from him for 100 coins each. Each fortune Mario buys has a direct, minor, and immediate impact on what happens to him after reading it. The effects can be positive, negative, or neither.

  • Great
    • Great Fortune! - You are a superstar! = A Super Star falls from the sky.
    • Great Fortune! - You will feel a rush of good health! = Mario is healed for 100 HP.
    • Great Fortune! - Your path is paved with wealth! = A small trail of 100-Coins spawns nearby.
    • Great Fortune! - Your path leads to a useful item! = A Shiny Hammer spawns nearby.
  • Good
    • Lucky You! - Someone will pay you a compliment! = The Toad gives Mario a compliment along with a small burst of confetti.
    • Lucky You! - You'll soon be feeling better! = Mario is healed for 20 HP.
    • Lucky You! - You may find a small fortune! = A small trail of 10-Coins spawns nearby.
    • Lucky You! - You might find something useful... = A Fire Flower spawns nearby.
  • Neutral - All of these have absolutely no effect.
    • A Boring Blessing - At least it's not a bad one!
    • A Boring Blessing - Nothing bad will happen!
    • It's Nothing - Nothing will happen. Congrats?
    • It's Nothing - You just wasted your time reading this.
  • Bad
    • An Actual Curse - Uh-oh! Look out below! = A huge Thwomp crushes Mario and he loses 20 HP.
    • An Actual Curse - Your path is paved with pain! = Mario loses 1 HP every few seconds.
    • An Actual Curse - You're gonna get less rich, quick. = Mario loses 10 coins every few seconds.
    • An Actual Curse - You're about to lose your grip... = Mario drops his consumable items (Mushrooms and Fire Flowers). One of each can be picked back up, but the rest are gone.