Trial of Courage

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Trial of Courage
Greater location Diamond Island
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Hooray! You're the most courageous hero I know, Mario!”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Trial of Courage is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of three trials held on Diamond Island. It is held in a green temple, putting Mario through three levels of increasing difficulty testing his bravery. Notably, this temple cannot be revisited after it is cleared and exited.


The Trial of Courage is one of three trials held on Diamond Island, corresponding with the Trial of Power and the Trial of Wisdom. Each must be cleared in order to receive an orb allowing Mario to access the Sea Tower. Like the Trial of Wisdom, this temple cannot be entered before clearing Ice Vellumental Mountain, as it requires the Ice Vellumental to access. Mario must first use the Magic Circle in front of the temple to turn Olivia into the Water Vellumental, creating a moat surrounding the temple. He must then use the abilities of the Ice Vellumental to freeze it over.

Mario is then able to enter and speak with the Toad statue in the room. It welcomes Mario into the temple, informing him of three challenges he must pass to receive a sacred orb. A small circle of light appears in the center of the room, which warps Mario to the following room when he stands in it.

After clearing all three challenges, Mario is rewarded a song and dance routine and access to the final area, where he receives the Courage Orb. He is then able to return to the first area and exit the temple, at which point it cannot be re-entered.

If the player is having difficulty clearing the trial (failing at least two times), they are able to pay the Toad statue in the starting area 3,000 coins for easier conditions. This raises the arrow to the top of the bar in each challenge, giving the player and Mario more leniency.


First Challenge[edit]

Olivia is quite ready for the challenge, and becomes disillusioned by the lack of materials in the room. It is explained that the rope connects to an unseen object. Mario must hold and release the rope, then grab onto it before the object slams into him. However, Mario must also be careful not to grab onto the rope before it falls past the arrow. If either of these conditions are not met, Mario is forced to restart from the beginning. For the first challenge, Mario should wait about ten seconds before pulling the rope to safely pass, preventing a basin from crushing him. With this, he is allowed to move on to the next challenge.

Second Challenge[edit]

The object used in the second challenge is also a basin, though the rope holding it is noticeable shorter, requiring Mario to pull out much sooner. The arrow is also lower on the bar, requiring Mario to improve his timing. Mario must wait about five seconds before pulling on the rope to clear the challenge and advance to the next.

Third Challenge[edit]

For the third and final challenge, a Thwomp is used rather than a basin. Additionally, the rope is longer, increasing the suspense in between. After approximately fifteen seconds, Mario must pull on the rope to narrowly avoid being crushed. Having cleared every challenge here, he is rewarded a small celebration and a pass to the final room, where he receives the Courage Orb.