Chestnut Valley

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Chestnut Valley
PMTOK Chestnut Valley.png
Toads 8
Not-Bottomless Holes 12
Collectible Treasures 3
? Blocks 4
Enemies Goombas
“Remember Chestnut Valley? Bobby kept rolling away because he was so round... He was really good at getting in trouble, wasn't he?”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Chestnut Valley is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is located in the blue streamer district, found directly below Autumn Mountain. When Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb reach the bridge connecting to the Water Vellumental Shrine section, a Paper Macho Goomba appears on the other side. Thinking it is friendly, Bob-omb runs toward it only to be knocked off the bridge. Mario has no choice but to jump off the bridge and rescue Bob-omb multiple times from different areas of Chestnut Valley. Portions of the Super Mario Bros. 3 athletic theme are used in this location's theme.


When Mario lands in Chestnut Valley, Olivia requests they follow the path ahead to find Bob-omb. To begin, Mario must head left to the first rolling chestnut section. Olivia notices something rolling toward them. She thinks it is Bob-omb, gets excited, and runs toward it, only to find out is actually the first of many chestnuts here. Fortunately, this path is big enough for Mario to dodge the chestnuts on his own. He can also use the small opening in the northern wall to wait for a set of chestnuts to roll past. The next chestnut section leads to the left, and is much narrower, requiring Mario to use the opening to avoid being knocked off, then use his hammer to hit a crack just ahead, creating another opening. When Mario gets to the top of the slope, it is revealed the chestnuts are coming from a tree guarded by an origami Goomba.

To the left is a ledge with a Heart Mario may pick up before moving on to the next section, which features chestnuts dropping from overhead trees with rhythm. After making it halfway through, Mario must drop down onto a platform Bob-omb is wedged into and pull him out. He apologizes for slowing them down, and Olivia tells him to be more careful next time. At the end of the next chestnut section is a Save Block and a tree guarded by an origami Goomba. However, when he notices Mario, he climbs up the tree. If Mario hammers this tree, the Goomba falls down, as well as three origami Galoombas Mario is forced to battle.

When traversing through the next section, Mario must run down a slope just ahead of chestnuts. Eventually, Bob-omb slows down and is knocked aside by the chestnuts. Three chestnuts then come in from the other side, trapping Mario and revealing a Galoomba in each chestnut. At the end of this section is a small area Mario must navigate carefully to avoid the chestnuts. There is a Goomba rolling a chestnut in the back to try to hinder Mario. The next section features chestnuts rolling down a slope. Near the end, Mario must drop down to the right, where there is a Pipe allowing him to reach a higher ledge with a Goomba hitting a tree to drop down chestnuts. Mario must hammer this tree to drop down Bob-omb, who starts rolling down the slope. He somehow ends up dozing off on a stump near the end of the level, allowing them to exit the valley and move on to the shrine.

Hidden Toads[edit]

Form Description Image
8 Hidden Toads
Origami Toad #33: Chestnut
# 1 to 3
Mario must hammer the tree at the top of the second sloped section to drop a chestnut, which breaks open to reveal a yellow origami crown. Hammering this reveals a trio of yellow Toads. A trio of hidden Toads found in Chestnut Valley, disguised as an origami crown.
Artwork of various Toads from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
# 4 to 6
After defeating the trio of Galoombas, Mario must hammer their tree to drop a trio of Toads from its branches. Mario and Bob-omb rescue a trio of Toads from a group of Galoombas in Chestnut Valley.
Artwork of a Toad from Paper Mario: The Origami King
# 7
There is a small hole in the ground behind the chestnut maze. Mario must hammer it to reveal a red scroll, which he must then pull out of the hole to reveal a Toad. A hidden Toad in Chestnut Valley, rolled up and stuck inside a hole near the chestnut maze.
Origami Toad #34: Butterfly
# 8
When watching Bob-omb sleep peacefully on a tree stump, an origami butterfly Toad will descend onto a patch of flowers. Bob-omb rests on a tree stump at the top of Chestnut Valley, while an origami butterfly descends onto a patch of flowers.

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

There are three Not-Bottomless Holes at the start of the level - two in the wall and one in the ground.
There are two Not-Bottomless Holes in the wall between the second and third sections.
There is one Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall behind the Galoomba tree.
There is another Not-Bottomless Hole in the cliff wall near the end of the slope.
There are two Not-Bottomless Holes in the cliff wall at the start of the final slope section.
There are two Not-Bottomless Holes in the cliff wall at the end of the final slope section.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

From the start of the level, Mario should head toward the foreground to find a small ledge with a bag of confetti, as well as a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #34: Sturdy Crates.
After pulling up Bob-omb from the platform between the rolling chestnuts, Mario can open the treasure chest on that platform to receive Collectible Treasure #35: Sign.
From the tree with the origami Galoombas, Mario must head toward the foreground to find a small ledge with a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #36: Spinning Shells.

? Blocks[edit]

At the start of the level, there is a ? Block to the right containing a 100-Coin.
Between the first and second sloped sections is a ? Block containing a Shiny Mushroom.
Mario must drop down in the southeast corner of the chestnut maze to find a ? Block containing a Fire Flower.
There is a ? Block on the ledge near the end of the level Bob-omb is rescued from, containing another 100-Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イガグリ
Igaguri dani
Prickly Chestnut Valley
Chinese 刺栗谷
Cìlì Gǔ
Prickly Chestnut Valley
Dutch Kastanjevallei Chestnut Valley
French Vallon des marrons Little Chestnut Valley
German Kastaniental Chestnut Valley
Italian Valle Castagna Chestnut Valley
Spanish Valle de los Castaños Chestnut Valley