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King Olly

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King Olly
Character artwork for King Olly from Paper Mario: The Origami King
Artwork of King Olly, as he appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (version 8.1.0, spirit cameo) (2020)
“Oh, and by the way...I am no longer your brother Olly. I am KING OLLY! By the time I am done, all of those miserable Toads will be folded... The flimsy paper minions of Bowser shall be reborn as loyal Folded Soldiers--serving me! And I shall fold, crease, and bend the entire paper world to my whim... The birth of a new origami kingdom!”
King Olly, Paper Mario: The Origami King

King Olly, also known by his title Origami King, or simply Olly, is the leader of the Folded Soldiers and the titular main antagonist of Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the elder brother of Olivia, although Olly was also the one who brought Olivia to life. During the events of the game, Olly turned many of Bowser's minions, along with Princess Peach, into Folded Soldiers under his control. He seeks to turn the Mushroom Kingdom into an origami kingdom and erase all Toads from existence by folding one-thousand paper cranes and wishing upon them. His traits include his folded crown and hair, his purple robe, and his spiky limbs. He can also fold himself into different forms, including a yellow Shy Guy, which is a form he uses to hide his identity when he is first encountered.



King Olly was created by the green Toad Origami Craftsman, to fit into an origami castle created for the Toads' Origami Festival. However, the craftsman felt like taking more advantage of the opportunity, so he used the forbidden Fold of Life technique, granting Olly sentience upon completion. The Origami Craftsman wrote a message on King Olly wishing he would grow into a great king, but Olly misinterpreted it as a "careless scrawl" and became embittered. As a result of the marking, King Olly began to view all Toads with contempt due to them all being the same to him. This became the basis for his grudge against entities made of flat paper instead of origami. Olly then imprisoned his creator within a wall in his basement and folded his sister, Olivia, using the Fold of Life, and left the basement seeking revenge along with some origami-making tools, turning them into the Legion of Stationery.

At some point prior to Mario and Luigi arriving at Toad Town, King Olly took over Peach's Castle, and began to create Folded Soldiers out of flat paper (using Stapler to keep them from unfolding themselves). The members included Princess Peach and much of the Koopa Troop. Eventually, he would imprison Olivia in the walls of the castle’s dungeon, due to her rebelling against his cause.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

While Mario, the freed Olivia, and a stapled and partially folded Bowser attempt to leave the castle, King Olly, disguised as a yellow Shy Guy and accompanied by the corrupted Princess Peach, confronts them, bringing up again the idea of joining him before sending a handful of Folded Soldiers at them. After the soldiers are defeated, Olly reveals himself to Olivia's horror and announces his plan to turn the world into his kingdom. He then summons five paper streamers which he uses to close off Peach's Castle and transport it to a volcano, planning to turn the castle into a replica of the castle made for the origami festival. Mario, Olivia and Bowser manage to escape, but are separated in the process.

King Olly later reappears in Sweetpaper Valley and attempts to get Olivia to rejoin him. Eventually, he gives up the idea and crushes Olivia beneath a boulder, blocking the entrance to Breezy Tunnel in the process. In the process of clearing the roadblock and saving Olivia, their traveling partner Bob-omb sacrifices himself.

King Olly incorporates Princess Peach into the wall of his throne room in Paper Mario: The Origami King.
King Olly incorporating Princess Peach into the wall of his castle

Then, shortly after Mario, Olivia, and Bowser reach Peach's Castle, King Olly transforms the castle into Origami Castle. Olly appears to taunt the trio a few times as they make their way through the castle. He eventually attempts to kill them by setting Stapler on them, which leaves Olivia somewhat traumatized until Bowser and Mario both reassure her.

Finally, Mario, Olivia, and Bowser reach the throne room, where King Olly reveals his hatred for Toads to them. He also reveals he has turned Princess Peach into a tapestry behind him, and finally, reveals his endgame: to wipe all the Toads out of existence using the Thousand Cranes technique, of which he already has 999 complete. Olly then states he intends to defeat Mario and fold his body into the last crane he needs, and battles him and Olivia by using his shapeshifting powers to turn into each of the Vellumentals.

After Olly's first defeat, he collapses, presumably tired. Olivia tries to comfort him, only for Olly to stop her and express his anger at her siding against him before showing his "true power of origami" by turning into a giant origami version of himself, in the process removing the Audience and warping reality. He gets defeated again and pushed off the arena by Mario, Olivia, and a transformed origami Bowser. Olivia says her goodbyes to her brother, but Olly again emerges at a gigantic size, knocking off Bowser and further altering reality. Olivia deploys a special Magic Circle to defeat him, and after it is reassembled, Mario and Olivia are able to definitively defeat the origami king.

Reality returns to normal, and Olivia expresses her regret at having to fight King Olly, and is even more horrified to discover that the wounds she inflicted on her brother were mortal. King Olly, having come to his senses, congratulates Olivia on having done so, and has her read the "careless scrawl" on his body. Realizing his maker only wanted good wishes towards him, he expresses true remorse at what he has done, he lets his sister hold his hand and, in his dying breath, gives Olivia the rights to the 999 cranes he had folded and requests she fold his body into the final crane. With his final wish completed, the origami king dies. Olivia, with help from the Origami Craftsman, folds her brother and completes the wish: to undo all of King Olly's origami folding, including herself.

In the game's 100% ending, a miniature, inanimate version of Olly appears in the scaled-down model of his castle, alongside a similarly scaled down version of his sister, fulfilling the role his creator had always intended them to.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

King Olly appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit as part of a limited-time event from August 28, 2020 until September 2, 2020. He was later available on November 24, 2020 as a normal spirit.


Phase one[edit]

King Olly at the start of the final battle
King Olly at the start of the final battle

The final battle with King Olly is divided into the three phases. The first phase plays like a regular boss battle. King Olly deploys the Magic Circles of all four Vellumentals and uses their abilities. Additionally, if Mario takes too long to organize the rings, King Olly occasionally heals himself. If Mario takes a long enough time, King Olly takes longer to heal, and heals for less HP.

King Olly turns into the Earth Vellumental
King Olly's Earth Vellumental form

King Olly begins the battle by selecting a random Vellumental. He can transform into the Earth Vellumental, and immediately charges to use Mega Earthquake next turn which deals approximately 150 damage, and cannot be dodged by using the Earth Vellumental, as Olly simply lowers the platform again. Instead, Mario must stand on a Vellumental Magic Circle and activate the Ice Vellumental, freezing King Olly and cancelling this attack. Mario can flip it first using his 1,000-Fold Arms then use a rush attack to deal heavy damage to him, reverting him to his original form.

King Olly turns into the Water Vellumental
King Olly's Water Vellumental form

King Olly can also transform into the Water Vellumental, and immediately charges Big Wave for about 180 damage, in addition to using Summon Spouts, which, unlike the original, rotate on their own during the lineup phase. Like with the regular Water Vellumental, Mario must use the Earth Vellumental to avoid this attack, then damage King Olly with the 1,000-Fold Arms.

King Olly turns into the Fire Vellumental
King Olly's Fire Vellumental form

King Olly can also transform into the Fire Vellumental. Olly immediately after uses Molten Feathers to release all of his wing feathers, taking almost half of his health as damage in the process, then charges an attack. If the feathers are not extinguished, he uses Hot Wings next turn to heal himself. As with the regular Fire Vellumental, Mario must use the Water Vellumental to weaken King Olly and then rush attack with the 1,000-Fold Arms and pluck out his head feathers.

King Olly turns into the Ice Vellumental
King Olly's Ice Vellumental form

Finally, King Olly is able to transform into the Ice Vellumental. Initially, Olly creates an Ice Maze which shows only one safe route that must be memorized before it gets shuffled. The safe route always involves walking over an ON panel and ending on either a Vellumental Magic Circle or a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle, depending on the situation. King Olly then encases himself in a block of ice and charge Ice Age, dealing about 150 damage. To negate this, Mario must use the Fire Vellumental to melt Olly, then use 1,000-Fold Arms attack to return him to his normal form.

If Mario is unable to defeat King Olly after all four Vellumental forms are defeated, King Olly reactivates the Magic Circles and picks a random Vellumental.

Phase two[edit]

King Olly's form to fight Bowser with
King Olly as an origami sumo wrestler

King Olly transforms into a giant origami version of himself (more specifically, an origami sumo wrestler), which Olivia counters by doing the same to Bowser.

Starting from this phase, 1-Up Mushrooms become disabled and are unable to revive Mario when his HP reaches zero. Any extra HP from Heart Plus accessories are carried over.

The gameplay for this phase is somewhat similar to gameplay in the overworld. Mario travels along the outer ring of the battlefield, lined with Magic Circles.

As King Olly is stronger than Bowser and eventually overpowers him, Mario must stand on a Magic Circle behind Bowser, activate the 1,000-Fold Arms, and repeatedly slam the ground, providing a necessary extra boost to Bowser. If he stands behind King Olly and boosts him, the battle shifts further in his favor.

King Olly eventually fires shurikens at Mario who must avoid or jump over them as he makes his way to Bowser.

After the battle has shifted enough in Bowser’s favor, King Olly summons a Folded Soldier Thwomp, and Mario must keep slamming on the ground enough times to allow Bowser to push Olly over the edge of the battlefield before the Thwomp shakes and slams the ground. Mario must get out of the way when it shakes, or else he is crushed and get a Game Over. If he does get out of the way, the shockwave from the Thwomp’s impact bounces the two giants back to the center.

Should Bowser become about to be pushed over the edge, a POW Block appears; Mario must hit it in 12 seconds to bounce Olly and Bowser to the center, or Olly pushes Mario, Olivia, and Bowser over the edge, also resulting in a Game Over.

Phase three[edit]

King Olly's titan form
King Olly's titanic final form

For the final phase, King Olly becomes a giant version of his normal self, floating off the edge of the battlefield. Olivia places a giant Magic Circle on the ground in response, but King Olly quickly scrambles it. A poison created from Olly's rage also begins to rise. Mario has 45 seconds to reorganize the Magic Circle back to its original state before time runs out, where the poison reaches the battlefield causing an instant Game Over. As Mario organizes the circle, King Olly stops the timer at certain intervals for an attack that must be dodged just as A Button appears on the screen.

Mario bashes King Olly using Olivia in her hammer form
Mario striking King Olly with Olivia in her hammer form

When the Magic Circle is reassembled, King Olly attacks a few more times, attacking with both hammers, firing two airplanes, crushing Mario with both hands, and finally attempting to cleave Mario in half with his dual blades. Mario must keep dodging the attacks, repeating the third, to finally be able to damage Olly's hands. Should he miss one, Olly scrambles a part of the Magic Circle. Failing to dodge the dual blade attack is an instant Game Over, showing Mario sliced in half for 999 damage in a manner similar to Scissors.

Once Mario has damaged Olly's hands, he can use the Magic Circle to activate the 1,000-Fold Arms and rush attack King Olly. Olivia then transforms into a giant hammer, and Mario bashes King Olly with the Olivia Hammer, ending the battle.

General information[edit]


While Olivia is cheerful, curious, and kind, King Olly is stern, proud, and vengeful. He is shown to be extremely petty and bitter, taking offense at the Origami Craftsman supposedly vandalizing his body, and viewing origami as superior to flat paper. At times he flicks his bangs as a way to show confidence. King Olly harbors a deep-rooted hatred of the Toads, to the point where even Bowser was startled by his actions. His cruelty also extends to Olivia, as shown when he imprisoned her in the wall of the dungeon of Peach's Castle, crushed her beneath a boulder, and sent the Stapler to attack her and Mario. Additionally, King Olly possesses an ignorant side, as shown when he never actually read the Origami Craftsman's message, and Olivia seemed disappointed at his motive behind his hatred of Toads. In the final phase of his boss fight, he seems to become completely unhinged, screaming at the duo in anger when they dodge his attacks. At the game's climax, King Olly is seemingly apologetic for his actions, but seems mildly amused that his ignorance is what caused his villanous actions.


King Olly disguised as a yellow Shy Guy from Paper Mario: The Origami King
King Olly disguised as a yellow Shy Guy

Owing to his being made of origami, he is capable of shapeshifting, utilizing it to disguise himself as a yellow origami Shy Guy to infiltrate Peach's Castle, and also to utilize the appearance of the four elemental Vellumentals. He also is capable of reality-warping, an extension of his origami-related abilities, which when fueled by his rage can also cause poison to emerge.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

Paper Mario: The Origami King enemy
King Olly
An origami King Olly from Paper Mario: The Origami King. HP 130 (first phase)
99 (Earth, Water, Ice Vellumentals)
65 (Fire Vellumental)
300 (final phase)
Moves Location(s)
Type Normal Mega Earthquake (99), Sandblast (20 × 3), Big Wave (130), Mega Wave (145), Giga Wave (150), Ultimate Wave (160), Summon Spouts, Molten Feathers, Hot Wings, Flamecrower (26 × 4), Bowler Bear (36), Ice Maze, Ice Age (78) Origami Castle
Role Boss
Item drops None
The mighty origami king. Holds a bizarre grudge against Toads and vows to wipe out paperkind with his origami army.
  • European website bio: "The self-proclaimed Origami King. Olly seeks to turn the entire world in his own origami kingdom. With the Folded Soldiers at his beck and call, he's no paper tiger!"
  • Sumo form description: "Olly, folded into a sumo wrestler. He's cool as a paper cucumber, with enough strength to push even Bowser around."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
King Olly Character artwork for King Olly from Paper Mario: The Origami King Paper Mario Series Primary (3) Ace Attack Spirit Board (ver. 8.1.0 or later) Toon Link, Metal Pac-Man
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • The enemy favors air attacks
  • The enemy is metal
Princess Peach's Castle (Ω) Attack and Run!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オリー王[1]
King Olly; a play on「折紙」(origami). "L" and "R" are interchangeable sounds in Japanese.

Chinese (simplified) 奥利王
Àolì Wáng
From Japanese name

Chinese (traditional) 奧利王
Àolì Wáng
From Japanese name

Dutch Koning Olly[8]
King Olly
French Roi Olly[5]
King Olly
German König Olly[2]
King Olly
Hebrew מלך האוריגמי
Mlch hvrgm
Origami King

Italian Re Olly[3]
King Olly
Korean 올리 왕
Olli Wang
King Olly

Portuguese Rei Olly[6]
King Olly
Russian Король Олли[7]
Korol' Olli
King Olly

Spanish Rey Olly[4]
King Olly


  • King Olly's anger towards being scrawled on has real-life roots: in both ancient and contemporary times, it is generally considered taboo to write or draw on one's origami creations.
  • A model of a Swoop using the same color scheme as King Olly appears in the game's files,[9] although whether this is a regular Swoop or King Olly disguised as one is unknown.