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Full Moon Island in Paper Mario: The Origami King
A fishing spot on Full Moon Island

Fishing spots are areas in Paper Mario: The Origami King, found in Overlook Mountain, Shogun Studios, and Full Moon Island. They are piers next to bodies of water, with a fishing rod attached to them. Mario can fish from these spots to obtain items, Cheep Cheeps, and Bloopers. Every fishing spot has one Toad and one Collectible Treasure that can be fished, the former shown by an origami-looking fish and the latter shown from a fish with sparkles.


An icon from Paper Mario: The Origami King. An icon from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Indicators to reel in the fish

If motion controls are turned on, the player must hold ZL Button and ZR Button to grip the fishing rod and use the L-Stick to aim the fishing rod's line. The player must then flick the Joy-Con Joy-Cons to cast the line, with the distance it moves depending on how forcefully the player flicked the Joy-Cons. The bobber can be reeled in with B Button. If the fishing rod's bobber lands near a fish shadow, a "!" symbol will appear and the fish will start nibbling the bobber. Eventually, the fish will bite the bobber and a symbol of Joy-Cons and an arrow will appear, at which point the player must flick the Joy-Con Joy-Cons upward as soon as possible to reel in the fish.

If motion controls are turned off, the player must hold and release A Button to cast the line, and then tap A Button once a fish bites the bobber. The other controls are the same.


Overlook Mountain[edit]

The first fishing spot can be found near the river on the right side of Overlook Mountain. Here, a Koopa Troopa will teach Mario how to fish. Mario must move the fishing rod towards the biggest shadow in the river and reel it in to fish a large origami Cheep Cheep. After Mario defeats the origami Cheep Cheep, it drops the Blue Shell Stone. The Collectible Treasure is No. 20: Folded Bowser. The biggest Cheep Cheep that can be caught here is 250 cm.

Shogun Studios[edit]

The second fishing spot can be found in front of the House of Tricky Ninjas in Shogun Studios. However, in order to fish from this spot, Mario must first find the hidden Toad inside the stable behind Princess and whack the Toad with the Hammer. The Collectible Treasure is No. 45: Canned Tuna. The biggest Cheep Cheep that can be caught here is 300 cm.

If Mario bought the Commoner Pass to enter Shogun Studios, each round of fishing costs 300 coins, whereas with the Royalty Pass, fishing is free.

Occasionally, Mario can catch large Cheep Cheeps here that reveal themselves as Ninjis in disguise before running away. Mario will be given 100 coins if this happens.

Full Moon Island[edit]

The third and final fishing spot can be found on the northwest side of Full Moon Island. When Mario first arrives on Full Moon Island, it is known as Crescent Moon Island in its initial state. Its pier has a Not-Bottomless Hole through it that must be filled in to progress. Once the pier is restored, Mario must fish and battle an origami Sidestepper. Defeating it spawns a Magic Circle for the Earth Vellumental, which can be used to cause a circular landmass to surface, turning Crescent Moon Island into Full Moon Island. This is the only fishing spot where Bloopers can be caught. The Collectible Treasure is No. 75: Paper Macho Koopa Paratroopa. The biggest Cheep Cheep and Blooper that can be caught here is 400 cm.

Fish types[edit]

The types of fish Mario can find in fishing spots include Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers of various sizes, including the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper, which can only be caught at the pier on Full Moon Island. They are more likely to appear as Mario successively catches smaller fish. Catching these earns the Fish Finder trophy.