1,000-Fold Arms

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Mario using the 1,000-Fold Arms  move.
Artwork of Mario with the 1,000-Fold Arms

The 1,000-Fold Arms, also spelled without a hyphen[1], are an ability that appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King. True to their name, they are folded origami arms that Mario can use to peel walls, and open valves, similar to the paperize ability in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the cutout ability in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They can only be used with Olivia and while standing on Magic Circles. The 1,000-Fold Arms can be used during boss fights; using it to finish off a boss rewards Mario with a "1,000-Fold Arms Finisher" bonus. Additionally, there is an option in the settings menu to control the 1,000-Fold arms with either motion controls or just with the controller buttons.

Unique 1,000-Fold Arms animations[edit]

  • Earth Vellumental - Mario flips it over to stun it.
  • Colored Pencils - Mario grabs the colored pencils and uses them to stab the case.
  • Water Vellumental - Mario grabs it by the tail and slams it back down.
  • Rubber Band - Mario grabs the last rubber band and flicks it.
  • Fire Vellumental - Mario plucks the feathers out of its head.
  • Hole Punch - Mario grabs and peels its lid off.
  • Tape - Mario pulls out its remaining tape.
  • Handaconda - Mario plays rock-paper-scissors.
  • Scissors - Mario flips over the ice chunk it is frozen in with Ice Vellumental similar to the Earth Vellumental, breaking the ice and stunning it.
  • Stapler - Mario snaps its mouth open, breaking it.

The Ice Vellumental and Boss Sumo Bro are the only bosses to not have a unique 1,000-Fold Arms animation.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カミの手[2]
Kami no Te
Word-play on「紙」(kami, paper) and「神の手」(kami no te, a term for "master" that literally translates to "hands of God")
Chinese 神祇之手[3][4]
Shénqí zhī Shǒu
Hand of God
Dutch Vouwarmen Folding Arms
French Bras Multi-pliés[5] Multi-Folded arms; pun on "multiplié" (multiplied)
German Faltarme Folding Arms
Hebrew 1,000 הקיפולים מרחיקות
1,000 Hkfvlm Mrchkvt
1,000 Far-reaching Folds
Italian Arti magni Big Limbs; "magni" is an Latin word for "big"
Korean 종이손
Jong'i Son
Paper Hand
Russian Руки тысячи приемов[6]
Ruki Tysyachi Priyomov
Arms of a Thousand Tricks
Spanish Brazos desplegables Foldable Arms