Eddy River

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Eddy River
Mario riding down some rapids in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Not-Bottomless Holes 8

The Eddy River is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a river connecting Autumn Mountain, Shogun Studios, and Sweetpaper Valley. It is a part of the blue streamer district. Though normally tranquil, it has become fast-paced due to Olivia flooding it. Rather than being able to freely explore this area, Mario must guide the canoe up and down to avoid obstacles and collect items. Due to this, there are no Toads to be rescued, ? Blocks to be hit, or collectible treasures to be found here, though there are quite a few Not-Bottomless Holes along the way Mario can fill.


The driftwood section

As the river ride speeds up, Mario is able to control the boat by moving up and down. If the boat is hit too many times, it capsizes, requiring the player to start the section from the beginning. Using the Hammer also causes the boat to lose HP. Fortunately, several Hearts can be picked up along the way, as well as coins and confetti. Additionally, the player is unable to open the menu while playing through this section, which requires full attention. To start out, there are a few easy coins in the area, then a 100-Coin on the other side of a boulder. Between the next set of coins is a Not-Bottomless Hole on nearby ground. After a very short drop, there are some coins and boulders Mario must navigate through. Just before the next waterfall is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the northern wall. While passing down this waterfall, Mario is able to pick up a heart, effectively restoring some of the boat.

The next section has a couple of pieces of driftwood. Again, just before the next drop, there is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the northern wall. In the next section, rocks fall from the cliff and land in the stream. Along the way, a Not-Bottomless Hole can be spotted on southern ground. A heart, a coin, and a bag of confetti can be picked up just before the next drop. The following section features a nice mix of previous river elements and obstacles, including driftwood, falling rocks, and a couple of holes in the wall and ground. Mario is able to pick up some extra coins by timing his jumps on the next waterfall.

The next section makes use of whirlpools, which pull Mario in and, if successful, damage the boat. All of these whirlpools can be carefully avoided, though the following waterfall leads to a wide, open area with a massive whirlpool in the center. This whirlpool can also be avoided, though there are also a few 100-Coins near the center that can be risked. Up ahead is long hole torn in the cliff wall Mario must be quick to fill in. Right after this is a final waterfall with a bonanza of coins, leading to the end of the rapids.

Mario can obtain the Coin Captain trophy by completing the rapids without missing a single coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うずまき川
Spiral River
Chinese (Simplified) 漩涡河
Xuánwō Hé
Spiral River
Chinese (Traditional) 漩渦河
Xuánwō Hé
Spiral River
Dutch Wervelwater Whirl Water
French Rivière Folio Folio River
German Strudelschlucht Vortex Gulch
Italian Fiume Gorgo
Spanish Río Revuelto Unruly river