Scorching Sandpaper Minor

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Scorching Sandpaper Minor
Toads 2
Collectible Treasures 1
? Blocks 1

Scorching Sandpaper Minor is a small portion of the Scorching Sandpaper Desert in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It contains the Temple of Shrooms, which is where the yellow streamer leads to. When all four of the towers across the Scorching Sandpaper Desert are activated, their lasers activate an Earth Vellumental Power spot in the center of Scorching Sandpaper Minor. Using the Earth Vellumental Power, the Temple of Shrooms comes up from the ground, and also reveals that the yellow streamer leads into the temple.

This area has a single Collectible Treasure (found behind the Temple of Shrooms once the yellow streamer has been destroyed), a single ? Block, two Toads, and no Not-Bottomless Holes.

Hidden Toads[edit]

Scorching Sandpaper Minor
The cactus right before the entrance to Shroom City
The beetle on a cactus on the west side of the area.

? Blocks[edit]

Scorching Sandpaper Minor
Between the three cacti on the west side of Scorching Sandpaper Minor, there is a ? Block containing a pair of Flashy Iron Boots.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤケスナさばく
Yakesuna Sabaku
Burning Sand Desert
Spanish Desierto Menor de Lija Sandpaper Minor Desert
French Petit désert de Kalémeri Small Sandpaper Desert
Dutch Kleine Imposantvlakte Small Imposing Plain
(pun on zandvlakte (sand plain))
German Kleine Sandpapierwüste Small Sandpaper-Desert
Italian Deserto Cartavetro minore
Chinese (Simplified) 热沙沙漠
Rèshā Shāmò
Burning Sand Desert
Chinese (Traditional) 熱沙沙漠
Rèshā Shāmò
Burning Sand Desert
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