Feelin' Fungi

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Feelin' Fungi
The Feelin' Fungi in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Feelin' Fungi about to perform their dance routine
Species Toads
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“And together, we are known as...FEELIN' FUNGI!”
Feelin' Fungi, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Feelin' Fungi is a performing troupe consisting of a quartet of Toads that appear in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are all found on Club Island, each in need of rescue. Each member of the group is characterized by a different emotion, indicated by their facial expressions and dialogue. They refer to themselves as Joy, Anger, Pathos and Humor, respectively. Joy appears to be the leader of the group, as he often speaks for the other members and is usually the one to confront Mario.

Joy is found crumpled up on the south end of Club Island, near the dock. However, after he is rescued, he persuades Mario into leading him through the tall grass to the "relaxing spot" at the north end of the island. Even when Joy is taken to the spot, he ropes Mario into finding and rescuing his three friends, who are all lost in the tall grass. Anger, Pathos and Humor are found in the northeast, southwest, and northwest areas of the field, respectively. When each Toad is lead out of the grass, they each provide a unique reaction to the Folded Soldiers: Pathos is nervous, Humor is amused, and Anger is enraged. If Mario encounters an enemy while any of the members are in the party, they will appear as an ally in battle, although they will not attack enemies unlike other allies. Once all four members have been reunited, the group introduces themselves to Mario, and will mark the location of treasure on the Sea Chart as thanks before returning to practicing their routine.

After they return to the Princess Peach, the group can be seen performing their dance routine at the swimming pool on the ship's stern for the rest of the game.



  • "And together, we are known as... FEELIN' FUNGI!"


  • "Hey! Hellooo!"
  • "Hey! Help! Help meee!"
  • "Yay! Thanks, Mario! If you had time to save me, I'm guessing you have a bit MORE time to spare..."
  • "I want to get to that relaxing spot just past this tall grass, but there are too many bad guys! You've got time to escort me there, right? Thanks! No need to answer. I'll just follow you silently."
  • "Yaaay! Thanks, Mario! You've been a big help... And I know you'll KEEP being a big help by making sure my three friends make it out of the grass to join me! Yaaaaay!"
  • "My three friends are out in that tall grass. Thanks for offering to bring them here! Yaaay!"
  • "Still waiting on two more friends! They're in that grass somewhere!"
  • "There's still oooooone final friend lost in that tall grass somewhere!"
  • "Oops! Not this way, silly!"
  • "Oh, thank you! Thank you! All four of us are back together! Yaaay!"
  • "I'm Joy! Yaaay!"
  • "Don't you just love it? You love it. I can tell. We'll be puttin' this act on the road soon, so thanks in advance for spreading the word! As EXTRA thanks, we'll show you a spot on your map where treasure is waiting!"
  • "OK, everyone! Once more, with FEELING!"
  • "Joy!"
  • "Cruising is so much fun! Yaaay!"


  • "GRAAH."
  • "RAAARGLE BLARGLE! I'll never, ever forgive those Folded Soldiers!"
  • "RRGH! No! Not THAT way!"
  • "GRRR! I'M ANGER!"
  • "ANGER!"
  • "Ooh, that Blooper! What a jerk! GRAAAH!"


  • "*sigh*"
  • "*sigh* I guess those Folded Soldiers are pretty scary..."
  • "*sigh* That's the wrong way..."
  • "I'm...Pathos..."
  • "Pathos..."
  • "The sea is so big...and empty...*sigh*"


  • "Hyuk yuk yuk!"
  • "Hyuk yuk yuk! Those Folded Soldiers sure are a laugh riot!"
  • "Not that way, ya goof! Hyuk yuk!"
  • "I'm Humor! Hyuk yuk yuk!"
  • "Humor!"
  • "I'm just happy to be here! Hyuk!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese K'IdoキドaiアイRakuラク
Kido ai raku
Kitchan, Dokkun, Aisan, Rakubō
From the on'yomi readings of the kanji「喜」(ki, glad),「怒」(do, angry),「哀」(ai, pathetic), and「楽」(raku, ease), stylized in the same way as the Japanese rock band L'Arc〜en〜Ciel

Each name is made up of one of the kanji above and a honorific suffix:「ちゃん」(chan),「くん」(kun),「さん」(san), and「ぼう」()

Chinese (simplified) 喜·怒·哀·乐
Xǐ Nù Āi Lè
Joy, Rage, Sad, Happy

Dutch Zwijmelzwammen
Vreugde, Woede, Verdriet, Humor
Swooning Fungi
Joy, Anger, Sadness, Humor
French La troupe des Choupi-Champis
Heureux, Furax, Pleurnichard, Jovial
The Cute-Shrooms troupe
Happy, Furious, Crybaby, Jovial
Italian Emo Miceti
Felix, Irah, Angosh, Briol
Emo (abbreviation of "emozione", meaning "feeling") Fungi
The words "felice" (happy), "ira" (wrath), "angoscia" (anguish) and "brio" (vivacity) are transformed into the names
Korean 희.노.A.Rock
Hee No Ae Rak
Pun of "희노애락" (Hee No Ae Rak; Joy, Rage, Sad, Happy)

Spanish (NOA) Los Champiñones Emotivos
Feliz, Furioso, Melancólico, Jocoso
The Emotional Mushrooms
Happy, Furious, Gloomy, Funny
Spanish (NOE) Los Champiñones Emotivos
Feliz, Iracundo, Melancólico, Jocoso
The Emotional Mushrooms
Happy, Furious, Gloomy, Funny


  • The Feelin' Fungi bear a resemblance to the Five Fun Guys from Paper Mario: Color Splash. In addition to having identical physical appearances, each member of both groups feature a different personality and a dance routine.