Fice T.

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Mario talking to Fice T.

“I wonder who Bootler is. ... Ugh.. Oh, no... No-------!! This is from that ghost! It says, "I'll creep up on you while you're sleeping... Boo! He loves scaring me! You think... he'll really... creeping... darkness... Oh, woe is me! I'll never sleep! ... Get a hold of yourself, Fice T.! Stand tall! I'll be OK.”
Fice T., Paper Mario

Fice T. is the nervous and neurotic guard of Forever Forest in Paper Mario. His name is a pun on the word feisty, but his personality is the exact opposite of feisty. He is petrified of ghosts, making him very inept for his guard position of Forever Forest. He wears a dark blue robe and holds a spear in his hand. He insists to Mario that he saw a ghost and is too terrified to do his job and enter the forest to find out where the ghost is coming from. His cowardice is unfitting for his occupation as a guard.

FiceT PM.png

Eventually, Mario goes into Forever Forest to find that the ghost was a Boo named Bootler, the servant of Lady Bow at Boo's Mansion. After defeating Tubba Blubba, Bootler sends Fice T. a letter saying that he will continue scaring him.

If Mario talks to Fice T. with Bow, he will get scared, start shaking, and tell Mario that there is a ghost behind him.


  • "This Toad guards the path to the Forever Forest. He looks timid... Isn't that a bad trait in a guard? Not only does he scare easily, I hear that he's especially afraid of ghosts. Seeing as Forever Forest is supposedly haunted, he must be completely freaked out." —Goombario