Shiver Mountain

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Not to be confused with Shivering Mountains.
Shiver Mountain
Shiver Mountain.png
Mario and Kooper exploring Shiver Mountain
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Shiver Region
Ruler Madam Merlar
Inhabitants Frost Piranhas, Gulpits, White Clubbas

Shiver Mountain in a huge snow-capped mountain on the north-east side of the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario. At the summit is the legendary Crystal Palace and the last Star Spirit. The mountain is between Shiver City and Starborn Valley, and in the middle of Shiver Snowfield. A line of snowmen guards the hidden passage to the mountain, and the bucket and scarf will need to be collected before the climb. The entire way up are thin walkways near cliffs, and covered with White Clubbas and Gulpits. Several puzzles block the way, including a couple of Duplighosts and the use of the Star Stone. On the way up Mario will meet Madam Merlar in a secret crystal chamber. Once Mario activates the Star Stone, the room will be permanently blocked off by a stairway made of ice.

Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Shiver Mountain, see here.

Items Found[edit]

Name of Item Icon Found In
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. On a platform to the west of the ice stairs in the fourth scene (can be gotten by falling off the corner on the third floor).
Ultra Shroom PaperMario Items UltraShroom.png In a hidden block above the brick near the end of the first scene.
Pebble PaperMario Items Pebble.png At the end of the south fork road in the second scene.
Shooting Star PaperMario Items ShootingStar.png In the first stone cavern in the third scene.
Snowman Doll PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png In the second stone cavern in the third scene.
Thunder Rage PaperMario Items ThunderRage.png In the third stone cavern in the third scene.
Mega Jump Mega Jump Badge.png In a badge block on the second floor in the fourth room.
Star Stone StarStone PM.png Given by Madam Merlar in the room to the east of the stair room (by blasting the wall with Bombette and going straight east to see her).

Hidden ? block[edit]

Item Description Image
PaperMario Items UltraShroom.png
Ultra Shroom
In the first area, going all the way east to the Brick Block, Mario should Tornado Jump underneath it to destroy it, then Tornado Jump again in the same spot to reveal the hidden ? Block. Image of Mario revealing a hidden ? Block in Shiver Mountain, in Paper Mario.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This is Shiver Mountain. This is a very cold, dangerous climb. Be careful. OK, Mario?"
  • "I feel like we're on the edge of the world up here. Seriously! This is a really remote place to go adventuring!"
  • "Boy, climbing this mountain is really hard! You'd think the path to a palace dedicated to the Stars would be a lot less trying on the legs."
  • "Walk carefully up here or else you may slip, Mario. That would be a long, long way down, huh?"
  • "What a strange place this is! It's bright even in the cave... This must be the small cave that Merle told us about. There's something strange about this place... Even the walls seem suspicious to me for some reason."
  • "This is the door to the Crystal Palace. We can get in from here. It must've been tough to get building materials up here! Don't you think it would've been more convenient if they had built it at a lower elevation?"
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In-game map description[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムイサムイ山
Samui Samui Yama
Cold Cold Mountain

Chinese 酷冰冰雪山
Kùbīngbīng Xuěshān
Cool Ice Ice Snow Mountain

French Montagne glaciale
Icy Mountain
Spanish Montaña Escalofrío
Shiver Mountain