Fan Smack

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Lady Bow using the Fan Smack attack on a Hyper Paragoomba

Fan Smack is a stronger Smack attack that Lady Bow can use in Paper Mario when she is leveled up to the Ultra Rank, and will cost the player five FP. When this attack is used, the player must rapidly tilt the Control Stick (Control Stick) left in order to fill up a meter. Eventually, Lady Bow will smack a single enemy multiple times with her fan, normally dealing two points of damage per hit and up to ten overall if the meter is completely filled.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハリセンビンタ[1]
Harisen Binta
Fan Slap
Chinese 拍扇
Fan Slap
French Éventail Fan
German Fächer-Lady Fan Lady
Spanish Abanicazo Fan Slap


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