Huff N. Puff

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Huff N. Puff
Huff N. Puff
Species Ruff Puff
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Is that you, Spike!? So! You have betrayed me!”
Huff N. Puff, Paper Mario

Huff N. Puff is a large cloud monster of the Ruff Puff species and the sixth boss of the game Paper Mario. He is found in the sixth chapter of the game, Dark Days in Flower Fields, in the area Flower Fields preventing the sun from shining over the lands.


Paper Mario[edit]

Huff N. Puff attacks Mario
Huff N. Puff using his Wind Breath attack on Mario.

Bowser assigned Huff N. Puff to guard the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar. His base of operations is Cloudy Climb. Mario and his comrades, with the help from their newly-reformed teammate Lakilester, destroy his Puff Puff Machine and engage him in battle. If Lakilester is the active partner when Mario confronts Huff N. Puff, the cloud boss will react differently, addressing the Lakitu directly by his old moniker "Spike" and calling out his betrayal.

Huff N. Puff is chased by Gourmet Guy
Huff N. Puff is chased by Gourmet Guy.

Huff N. Puff attacks by Body Slamming, blowing wind, and using thunder and lightning strikes. When his HP reaches as low as five, he will then begin attacking by creating earthquakes. Huff N. Puff can absorb electricity attacks without any ill effects to himself. If Huff N. Puff is struck with any other type of attack, he will spawn several Tuff Puffs equal to the amount of damage done. These Tuff Puffs provide backup while battling Mario and his team, attacking Mario as one collective unit. Huff N. Puff can inhale the Tuff Puffs to restore HP. They also assist Huff N. Puff with his earthquake attack, increasing the damage caused depending on how many Tuff Puffs join the attack. After Huff N. Puff is defeated, he explodes, freeing Klevar and sending several Tuff Puffs flying in all directions, although not before expressing disbelief that he could lose.

Huff N. Puff appears during the post-game parade, being shrunk by the Yoshi kids and chased by Gourmet Guy, who wants to eat him.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

Huff N. Puff. Page 120, volume 26 of Super Mario-kun.
Huff N. Puff in Super Mario-Kun

Huff N. Puff appears also in volume 26 of Super Mario-Kun. Huff N. Puff is seen to be enjoying himself before Mario and his partners attack him, causing Huff N. Puff to punch in retaliation before causing sharks and Bob-ombs to rain on Mario and his partners. Then Huff N. Puff causes a Super Earthquake; Lakilester retaliates with Spiny Surge, but Huff N. Puff creates Tuff Puffs that latch onto Mario. Unexpectedly, however, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi jump in. Luigi sucks in the Tuff Puffs with his Poltergust 3000, and Wario then tickles Huff N. Puff so Mario can land a blow on Huff N. Puff with his hammer (though Wario is caught in the crossfire).

Profile and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
Huff N. Puff
Battle idle animation of Huff N. Puff from Paper Mario Max HP 60 Attack 5 Defense 0 Type Flying
Level 80 Strong Electric Weak None Moves Body Slam (5), Wind Breath (7-2), Ground Slam (5 + 2 for each Tuff Puff; HP < 5), Electric Charge, Ground Lightning (12), Direct Lightning (10), Puff Inhale (absorbs Tuff Puffs - 1 HP, small; 2 HP large)
Sleep? 0%, 0 Dizzy? 0%, 0 Shock? 0%, 0 Shrink? 0%, 0
Stop? 0%, 0 Fright? 0% Air Lift? 0% Hurricane? 0%
Coins N/A Items N/A Run N/A Location(s) Cloudy Climb
Tattle This is Huff N. Puff. He's a giant cloud monster. Max HP: 60, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0 His thunder attack is very dangerous. If you don't defend, you'll take massive damage. When you attack Huff N. Puff, little clouds called Tuff Puffs come out. Their number is based on the amount of damage you do. If you leave the Tuff Puffs, Huff N. Puff will swallow them up and restore his HP. You need to use smart tactics to beat this guy, Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オズモーン
Possibly from the name「出雲」(Izumo) and/or「お相撲」(o'sumō), referencing its big size; and follows the format of「クモクモーン」(Kumokumōn, Ruff Puff)
Chinese 云雾老怪
Yúnwù Lǎoguài
Cloudy big boss
French Pfff Haaaa
German Schnaufula Pun on "schnaufen" (to puff) and likely "Dracula"
Spanish Huff Puff