Star Beam

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Paper Mario move
Star Beam
Star Beam
Mastered By Mario/Star Spirits
Attack Power 0
Rank N/A
Effect Breaks Bowser's Star Rod invincibility
Target All

Star Beam is a move that can be performed by all seven Star Spirits in Paper Mario. It is bestowed on Mario when he arrives at the sanctuary of Star Haven after having rescued Kalmar. Star Beam can be used to remove any status placed on enemies, such as ones given by Magikoopas (Electrified, Invisible, attack or defense boosts). It is essential during the first of three rounds of the final battle with Bowser, where Mario must use it counter the effects of the Star Rod that the Koopa King powers himself up with. However, Bowser later uses the Star Rod while fighting Mario on the Power Platform, constructed and activated by Kammy Koopa, to become more powerful that even Star Beam is unable to work against the Star Rod. With Twink's and Peach's help, it is upgraded to Peach Beam, which is strong enough to nullify the effects of the Star Rod again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターフラッシュ[1]
Sutā Furasshu
Star Flash
Chinese 星之射线
Xīng zhī Shèxiàn
Star Ray
German Sternenstrahl Star Beam
Spanish Rayo Estelar Stellar Beam


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