Body Slam (Paper Mario)

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Paper Mario move
Body Slam
PM BodySlam.png
Mastered by Bombette
Rank Base Rank
Effect Bombette charges into an enemy
Target Frontmost grounded enemy
Attack Power 2 (Base Rank)
3 (Super Rank)
5 (Ultra Rank)

Body Slam is Bombette's default attack in Paper Mario. When using this move, Bombette charges into the frontmost grounded enemy with great force, though she will take damage from side-spiky or flaming enemies, canceling the attack. To execute the Action Command, one must hold down A Button to fill up a gauge, and release the button at the right time. It is Bombette's only attack that does not involve exploding.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピンキーアタック
Pinkī Atakku
Bombette Attack

Chinese 撞击

French Charge
Spanish Carga Cuerpo
Body Charge