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Bow using Smack

Smack is an attack that Lady Bow uses in Paper Mario. This attack is learned initially, so no level up is required to have this move. To successfully execute this move, the player must rapidly tilt the control stick left. Lady Bow slaps a single enemy multiple times, causing four points of damage at normal rank, five at super rank, and six at ultra rank. Because it deals the damage over and over and not all at once, Smack is useless against enemies with a defense higher than zero. This move is similar to Mini-Yoshi's Ground Pound.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レサレサビンタ[1]
Resaresa Binta
Bow Slap (Resaresa is Bow's Japanese name)
Chinese 拍打
German Ohrfeige Slap on the Face
Spanish Abofeteo Slapping


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