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Paper Mario move
Mastered by Lady Bow
Rank Base Rank
Effect Bow smacks an enemy multiple times
Target Single non-ceiling enemy
Attack Power 1x4 Base Rank
1x5 Super Rank
1x6 Ultra Rank
Lady Bow using Smack on Tubba Blubba.

Smack is the default attack used by Lady Bow in Paper Mario. Depending on how well the player executes the Action Command (rapidly tilting the Control Stick left), Lady Bow will smack a single enemy up to four times. This is increased to five hits at Super Rank, and six at Ultra Rank. Because every hit only deals 1 damage, this move is useless against enemies with Defense power. Although Bow can target any non-ceiling enemy with this move, she will still take contact damage from some enemies (e.g. Lava Bubble), which will end her attack prematurely.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レサレサビンタ[1]
Resaresa Binta
Bow Slap

Chinese 拍打

French Baffe
German Ohrfeige
Slap on the Face
Spanish Abofeteo


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