Shiver Snowfield

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Shiver Snowfield
Shiver Snowfield.png
Mario and Sushie in the Shiver Snowfield
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Shiver Region
Ruler Snowmen
Inhabitants Frost Piranhas, Monstar, Jr. Troopa (once)

The Shiver Snowfield are three paths in the Shiver Region linking together Shiver City, Shiver Mountain, and Starborn Valley. In Paper Mario, Mario needs to travel through here to eventually get to the Crystal Palace. A long line of snowmen in the center path guards the secret door into Shiver Mountain, the items needed to open the door are in the city and valley. Just before Starborn Valley, solar radiation resembling the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen in the sky.

The path near the valley has Frost Piranhas, and after the player finished the chapter, Gulpits inhabit the path near the city. Jr. Troopa makes an appearance on the path.

Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Shiver Snowfield, see here.

Items Found[edit]

Name of Item Icon Found In
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel in the south corner of the snowman scene.
Letter A letter Can be gotten by hammering a tree in the snowman scene four times.
Behind an ice rock before the stairs to the Monstar fight.
Repel Gel PaperMario Items RepelGel.png Behind a tree in the northeastern corner of the snowman scene.
Stop Watch A Stopwatch from Paper Mario. In a hidden block in the area where the Monstar fight takes place.

Hidden ? block[edit]

Item Description Image
A Stopwatch from Paper Mario.
Stop Watch
In the area where Mario fights Monstar, going up the steps in the east to the high platform, the hidden ? Block is on the north-central area. Image of Mario revealing a hidden ? Block in Shiver Snowfield, in Paper Mario.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This path is pretty clear of snow, don't you think? Do you think people clear it off, or does the snow just melt? Bit of a mystery, eh, Mario? I wonder if the good citizens of Shiver City have an answer for it..."
  • "Look at all those snowmen standing in a line. I wonder who made them... And why. They kind of look like they're watching the path. They look pretty cold, too...but I guess snowmen like cold."
  • "I think we're still on the path, but it feels more wild here. If we travel east from here, we'll hit Starborn Valley. Shiver City is way off to the west."
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In-game map description[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムイサムイ雪原
Samui Samui Setsugen
Cold Cold Snowfield

Chinese 酷冰冰雪原
Kùbīngbīng Xuěyuán
Cool Ice Ice Snowfield

French Champ de Neige Glacial
Icy Snowfield
Spanish Campo Nevado Escalofrío
Shiver Snowy Field