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Russ T.
Russ T.png
Sprite from Paper Mario
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Aargh! Words are mocking me! I need that Dictionary!”
Russ T. , Paper Mario
Mario getting a Star Piece from Russ T. in Paper Mario
Mario and Parakarry getting a Star Piece from Russ T.

Russ T. (also referred to as the wise Toad on various occasions) is an intelligent Toad and inhabitant of Toad Town who lives in a house near the entrance to the town. His name is a pun on the word "rusty". In Paper Mario, Mario, if he needs advice, can visit Russ T. at anytime in order to gain some information on various subjects, ranging from game mechanics to legends. He is often found reading his large collection of various books.

During the beginning of the game, Russ T. attends the party at Peach's Castle and can be found talking with Frost T. and will introduce Mario to Frost T. if spoken to and tells Mario that Frost T. comes from the Shiver Region. He was one of the few who escaped from Peach's Castle when Bowser and the Koopa Troop invaded.

According to a Toad inhabitant of Toad Town, Russ T. is quite popular at parties (possibly explaining his presence at Peach's party), due to his large amount of knowledge and trivia. The famous explorer Kolorado is also mentioned to borrow books from Russ T. on occasion, which Russ T. doesn't like, as Kolorado is quite careless with Russ T.'s beloved books.

When Shy Guys invade Toad Town and began to cause havoc, one of them steals Russ T.'s Dictionary, without which, Russ T. can no longer research anything. If Mario finds the Dictionary in the Shy Guy's Toy Box, he can return it to Russ T. and receive a Star Piece as a reward. Additionally, Russ T., once his Dictionary is reclaimed, can also decipher a Mystery Note written in Shy Guy language for Mario; this note, once translated by Russ T., gives a hint about how to access the Red Station in the Shy Guy's Toy Box.

A letter addressed to Russ T. from a curious kid on Lavalava Island can be found in the island's Jade Jungle. Mario and Parakarry can deliver the letter to Russ T. and gain another Star Piece as a reward.

After Mario defeats Bowser, Russ T. will not be at his house because he is inside Peach's Castle celebrating with everyone else.

Russ T.'s role is fulfilled by Wonky in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Garson in Super Paper Mario, although both charge coins for their stories while Russ T. tells his for free.

Russ T.'s information[edit]

Star Rod[edit]

So it is told that far away, at the very top of the sky, there exists a Star Haven, where Stars make their home.
In Star Haven, there's a treasure called a Star Rod. According to legend, it was made with ancient magic.
There are said to be Stars that are particularly strong and good-hearted. They are called Star Spirits.
Using the magical Star Rod, these Star Spirits grant the wishes of everyone in this world.
That's why, when we make a wish to the night sky and it comes true, it's all thanks to the Star Spirits and their Star Rod.

Basic controls[edit]

Now, if you will, how about a little timely information on how to operate the controls.
Move the Control Stick and press the Z Button Button to spin and run. That, my friend, is a Spin Dash.
Also, when you talk to somebody, you can press Z Button to go back and read the previous message again.
Hmm, let's see. Ah! If you press Up C Button while out and about, the amount of HP, FP, Star Points, and Coins will be shown.
And what else... If you move the Control Stick slightly, Mario walks slowly and quietly.
Sometimes it's good to walk slowly rather than always running, don't you know.

Shooting Star Summit[edit]

If you go east from the place where Princess Peach's Castle used to be, you'll find a place called Shooting Star Summit.
At the foot of the summit live Merluvlee and her brother, Merlow.
The older sister, Merluvlee, can see things you're looking for by fortune-telling.
The hobby of the younger brother, Merlow, is collecting Star Pieces.
If you take him Star Pieces, he'll swap them for Badges.
In point of fact, these two are the granddaughter and grandson of Merlon, who tells fortunes in Toad Town.

Message board in Toad Town[edit]

There is a message board on the side of Merlon's house that posts news.
It would appear that many people enjoy scribbling on the back of the message board.
Indeed, various things are always written on it.
You may want to take a quick look occasionally. Sometimes you'll read interesting news.

Candy Canes in Pleasant Path[edit]

Have you seen any Candy Canes? They're those striped objects growing beside Pleasant Path.
They're mysterious objects. Nobody knows anything about them. Even I don't!
There are rumors, though... Many believe that if you do something for the Candy Canes, you'll be rewarded later.
Why don't you investigate?

Koopa Koot[edit]

In Koopa Village, there lives a selfish village senior named Koopa Koot.
This old Koopa Koot stops passers-by and asks them for favors. Or so I've heard, anyway.
And yet, they say that even if you meet his requests, he gives you only one coin.
But it's been rumored that every once in a while, he gives out something good. Who knows what he might have...

Blocks in Pleasant Path[edit]

I remember reading something interesting in a book recently.
It seems there are three blocks laid on the ground somewhere on Pleasant Path.
And then...what was it? Ah! When you do something to the blocks, supposedly you can receive something good.
Unfortunately, the book was quite vague on what to do.

Fire Bars[edit]

Do you know about Fire Bars? You know, those flaming obstacles that spin round and round?
They're terribly dangerous and you'll be burned if you touch one.
According to a brilliant book I read some time ago, there's a way to beat them.
But if you can't touch them, how do you beat them? Maybe the book wasn't so brilliant...

Radio stations[edit]

In our fair land, there are several radio stations to listen to.
If you occasionally check the radio, you might just hear some useful information.
I've heard that someone in Koopa Village has a radio, so why don't you ask if you could have a listen?
Actually, one of the radio stations, FM Shroom, will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Sounds exciting!

Chet Rippo[edit]

Have you seen that Chet Rippo character around Toad Town?
I've heard rumors that if you talk to him, he will increase one of your point levels.
But be careful, because when he increases one of the point levels, the other two levels will go down a wee bit.
So I would suggest giving the matter a lot of thought before committing to the deal.

? Blocks in Dry Dry Desert[edit]

There are tales of long ago, when thieves ruled the far-off land of Dry Dry Desert.
These robbers collected things from all over the desert and hid them in various places.
I've heard of one of these hiding places, a block lying somewhere in Dry Dry Desert.
When you hit the block once, a ? Block appears.
But that's not all. Oh no! When you hit it ten times, another ? Block shows up!
This is but one of the rumors about hidden loot in the desert. Thieves thrived there, and I bet they had many hiding places.
If you find yourself in Dry Dry Desert, I would suggest that you take the time to look around for treasures.


At the edge of Dry Dry Desert, there's a dusty old town called Dry Dry Outpost.
Somewhere in this Dry Dry Outpost, there's supposedly a female wizard.
If she casts a spell on you, something good may happen during battles. Why don't you give it a try?
By the way, this wizard is said to be the twin sister of Merluvlee, the fortune-teller from Shooting Star Summit.


There's a place called Mt. Rugged. Trust me, there is.
On this mountain, a very rare creature called Whacka lives.
If you hit a Whacka, something called a Whacka's Bump will appear. It's very valuable.
It's been said that if you eat one, you'll be instantly filled with energy. But...
It's rather sad, actually... Even though Whackas are kind, people keep pummeling them to get the Whacka's Bumps.
That's why the number of Whackas on Mt. Rugged has been declining.
In fact, there's a rumor that there's only one left. The last tragic.


Near Toad Town Station, there's supposed to be a Playroom.
But it's apparently closed to non-members, which seems pretty rude, if you ask me.
On top of that, even if you find the place, you still need a membership card to play the games in there!
I like to play games as much as the next Toad! But I have no idea how to get a membership card.
Hmm...You know...
I've heard that Koopa Koot of Koopa Village is a member of the Playroom...
That old Koopa Koot might know something more about it.

Mysterious Treasure Chests[edit]

I once read that a so-called Mysterious Treasure Chest lies in Princess Peach's Castle.
Apparently it's one of a pair.
When you put something in one of the treasure chests, someone can take it out of the other one.
That's a pretty exceptional treasure chest, isn't it?
A long, long time ago, this chest was given to one of Princess Peach's ancestors by the Star Spirits.
According to the book I read, there's only one treasure chest in Princess Peach's Castle.
Where in the world could the other one be?

Forever Forest[edit]

You do, of course, know that Forever Forest is east of town.
It's a bit of a weird place. I've heard that ghosts have been known to haunt it, so you may want to steer clear.
If you do want to go through the forest for whatever reason, it's vital that you find the correct path.
To find the right one, look for scenery that differs a bit from the other scenery in the area and follow the path nearby.
According to a rumor I heard, there's sometimes a hidden path in addition to the right one.

Star Piece chambers[edit]

Throughout the world, I've heard, there are chambers hidden in the ground.
If the ground near one of the chambers gets a big shock, a hidden panel pops up
and a Star Piece shoots out from the ground below. You ought to keep an eye out for these chambers, Mario.
Say, that reminds me... I heard that there's a Badge with the power to warn you when you're near a secret.
If you found this Badge, it'd be easier to find the chambers.

Anti Guy[edit]

There's a grim guy called Anti-Guy who guards a special treasure chest...
According to a book I read a while back, he absolutely loves Lemon Candy.
If you take one to Anti-Guy, he might mellow out a bit.

Partners defending[edit]

Some enemies will attack the party member who's with you, Mario. Remember, your friends are in the battle, too!
In a battle, you can defend your friend by pushing A Button at the right time, just like you do to defend yourself, Mario.
It's a simple technique, but it helps protect your pals.

First Strike[edit]

Did you know that when you attack enemies in the field, you'll get in a First Strike during the battle that follows?
When you strike, if you Spin Jump or attack with Bombette or Kooper, you'll hurt enemies more than usual.
Sure, it's a minor technique, but every little bit helps.

Status ailments[edit]

You may see symbols above enemies in the battle sequences.
These mean that the enemy can make you dizzy, put you to sleep, or call in some reinforcements.
When you see those enemies, you should try to paralyze them or put them to sleep before they do it to you.
The battle will be much easier if you can make it so your enemies can't move.

Smart shopping[edit]

Prices for goods go up and down depending on which shop you go to.
Of course, it's smarter for you to buy items at a cheaper shop. Be a bargain hunter!
You know, if you're a real go-getter, you can even sell items you buy at one shop to another shop.
If you have good business sense, you may just make a profit.

Li'l Oinks[edit]

Ever been to Li'l-Oinks Farm, near Toad Town Station?
On that Farm, no more than ten Li'l-Oinks can be in the pen at one time, so
when the 11th comes, the first Li'l-Oink runs away and leaves the farm.
Whenever a Li'l-Oink runs off, it drops an item. The item dropped depends on what kind of Li'l-Oink it was.
Of course, whenever you take one of these items, other Li'l-Oinks will also leave the farm.
To grab the item or not to grab the item... that is the question.


If you take a Koopa Leaf and Dried Pasta to Ms. Tayce T.,
she will make some scrumptious spaghetti for you.
That dish is actually a traditional one, a classic handed down in Koopa Village through many generations.
Why don't you try it once, Mario? Come on! You'll love it!

Yellow Yoshi[edit]

Do you know of the Yoshis that live on Lavalava Island in the South Ocean?
Perhaps because their tropical island is so colorful, the Yoshis themselves are of many different colors.
It seems they have different personalities, depending on their body colors.
They all love food, but Yellow Yoshis seem to really delight in delicacies.
Next time you see a Yellow Yoshi, try giving it something delicious. Trust me--it'll be happy.


You know a Koopa called Mr. Kolorado, the famous explorer and archaeologist?
I have nothing but respect for him. Solving the riddle of the Candy Canes on Pleasant Path,
investigating Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert, discovering many new facts...these are but a few of his accomplishments.
Recently, he found a treasure that proves an ancient civilization once existed on Lavalava Island.
According to Mr. Kolorado, a long time ago, people once lived on Lavalava Island.
I heard that these people used to live in the holes dug out of the side of the volcano on Lavalava Island.
But they they[sic] were forced to flee the island because the volcano became very active.
Even he couldn't find out what kind of people they were or where they escaped to.
Long after these mysterious people left the island, Yoshis and Ravens arrived, and they've lived in harmony ever since.

Kent C. Koopa[edit]

Do you know a giant Koopa called Kent C. Koopa?
A long time ago, it seems this gent lived in Koopa Village.
At the time, they say Kent C. Koopa often trained with four village Koopas.
Kent C. Koopa was amazingly strong, so he always beat the team of Koopas.
Strong as he was, I've heard from some village residents that even Kent C. Koopa had a few weak points, though.

Amazy Dayzee[edit]

There should be a place called Flower Fields hidden somewhere in the world.
A very rare Crazee Dayzee, called an Amazy Dayzee, is said to live there.
I heard that this Amazy Dayzee is so timid that it runs away when it sees anyone.
If you glimpse it, count yourself lucky. I'd sure like to see it once.
Even if you miss it the first time, you might see the Amazy Dayzee if you visit the same place again.

Yoshi Cookie[edit]

It's a known fact that Miss Tayce T. is the best cook around. Everyone says so.
I've had the good fortune to try many of her dishes, and believe me, they're heavenly.
If I had to pick a favorite, it would be her Yoshi Cookie.
According to Tayce T., the recipe calls for Cake Mix and a Melon.
Try it if you get the chance. I highly recommend it.

Toad Town Tunnels shop[edit]

I just heard a rumor... Apparently, there's a shop somewhere under Toad Town.
I can only wonder what kind of goods they sell there.
Some folks are saying you can find real bargains there, while others have been ripped off. Who's telling the truth?

Profits with hot/cold items[edit]

In hot climates, Snowman Dolls seem to sell very well. It makes sense that warm folks want cold goods, right?
On the other hand, people who live in cold areas pay dearly for Fire Flowers.
One could make quite a profit if one bought and sold wisely.

Koopa Leaf[edit]

Koopa Village folk adore any food that has a bit of Koopa Leaf mixed in it.
Koopa Leaf is an extremely delicate ingredient, so unless you cook it correctly, it won't taste very good.
In these dark times, there are only a couple of people in the world who can successfully make Koopa Leaf dishes.
I recall a shopkeeper at Koopa Village complaining about this...

Koopatrols and Bony Beetles[edit]

According to the vast stores of information I've gathered,
there appear to be soldiers called the Koopatrol guarding Bowser's Castle.
They're nasty. And moreover, you can't jump stomp on them because they're fitted with special spiked armor.
There are creatures called Bony Beetles as well. They can also extend sharp spikes.
When you head to Bowser's Castle, I would recommend that you take along a Spike Shield Badge, if you have one.


You know a fellow called Goompa in Goomba Village?
In olden times, he used to be a famous fighter.
His name is all over the copy of the Fighter's Almanac that I happen to own.
He was an unrivaled champion. He'd knock out his enemies one after another using his greatest move, the Multibonk.
When he was younger, he traveled the world, looking for someone to challenge him.
In fact, Goompa taught the Dojo Master here in town.

Shiver Mountain[edit]

In the frozen heights of the north, there's an icy peak named Shiver Mountain.
Legend has it that deep in the mountain is a mystical fortress called the Crystal Palace.
The existence of the Palace has faded from people's memory.
In this day and age, nobody remembers where it is or how to get there.
You can see why folks call it a phantom palace.
There is hope, though... According to my sources, the famed archaeologist Kolorado
has immediate plans to search for and rediscover the legendary crystal structure.
How exciting! Ah, to be young and adventurous again!

Book of the Hero[edit]

Just the other day, I was fortunate enough to read the most fascinating book. This book said, and I quote...
"...the Evil King chortles, and a sacred rod and seven lights fade into darkness. A lovely maiden rises to the heavens.
"But lo! A hero clad in red appears and travels the world. He gathers around him eight who are pure of heart.
"This hero restores the seven lights, and they raise him high into the sky.
"On the airy heights, the hero clashes with the Evil King. The lovely maiden wishes..."
That's how it ended!
Somebody had torn out the rest of the pages! Now I'll never know the ending! What kind of no-good tears up books!?!
I think I have heard of this kind of story but I'm not sure where I read it...


  • "He's Russ T. Everyone says he's the smartest Toad around. He's always happy to share his vast knowledge with people. He's filled me in on things plenty of times. He knows a lot of things I can only guess at."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノポン
From「キノピオ」(Kinopio, Toad) and likely「~ぽん」(-pon, a suffix used for cutesy names)

Chinese 奇诺玻尼

French Déjan T
Pun of "déjanté" (crazy)
German Ross T
Pun on "rost" (rust)
Spanish T. Russ
From the English name


  • Russ T. shares similar characteristics to Toadbert, Hint Toad and the Toad General; all four characters are blue Toads with glasses portrayed as being highly intelligent.