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Not to be confused with Foreman.
Forebear sprite from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“It's been a long time since we've had visitors to this house. It pleases me greatly, I must admit.”
Forebear, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The forebear is a Toad who makes an appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He operated the ski lift at Whiteout Valley and is the current owner of The Enigmansion, making the former owner, the steward, his servant.

After the mansion becomes haunted, Mario is given the task of finding all the Boos haunting the mansion and sealing them back into the Book of Sealing. After this is done, the steward rewards him with the Forebear's Portrait. Once Mario paperizes the scrap in W 4-5, Whiteout Valley, the forebear comes to life and activates the lift.

If Mario returns to the Enigmansion after riding the ski lift, it is discovered that the forebear has returned and regained ownership of the mansion, and the steward has been made his servant.


During the course of the game, The Enigmansion becomes haunted after Kamek opens the Book of Sealing, releasing all the Boos inside it. The steward gives Mario the Book of Sealing and tasks him with finding all the hidden Boos and sealing them back into the book. After this is done, the steward thanks Mario and invites him to the living room, where he insists they sit down and chat over tea.

Once Mario inspects a picture on the wall, the steward explains that it was painted by the mansion's last steward, and that he inherited the mansion after he passed away. As a token of thanks, the steward gives Mario the Forebear's Portrait, insisting that he feels better without it.

Mario must then travel to Whiteout Valley, where he can use paperization to place the Forebear's Portrait into the blank space. The forebear then comes to life and activates the ski lift for Mario and Kersti, allowing them to continue their adventure.

According to a biography of the forebear found in a bookshelf in the mansion, he operated the ski lift for thirty years, and withdrew to a quiet life in the mansion with his servant after retiring.



  • "Mm-yes, welcome to White Valley Lift. You desire a lift?"
  • "Lift for two, straightaway!"
  • "Safety check... CHECK!"
  • "Lift off!"
  • "Mm-yes, welcome."
  • "Ah, what a pleasant surprise this is! You are the ones who took the lift the other day, are you not?"
  • "So nice of you to brave the snows to come to such a faraway place. Please, make yourselves at home."
  • "Yoo-hoo!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Vorbesitzer
Italian Predecessore
Predecessor [of the Enigmansion]