Loop Loop River

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Loop Loop River
Mario walking by the poisoned river
Level code W3-5
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Wiggler Segment
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Loop Loop River is the fifth level of World 3 in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. As the name implies, this level takes place in a looping poison river than runs through the inside of a cavern, and contains several plains along the borders of the river.


A screenshot of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario using the Burnhammer against a Piranha Plant and Clip Guy

Mario starts the level near the river, where a Heart Block can be found. There are several Snifits walking in the poison, with only their heads visible. There are a few broken, wooden bridges and elevated plains here. Mario must head right until he finds a door leading to a cavern. Upon entering this door, Mario is taken inside the cavern, where a wooden bridge can be used to cross the poisonous river, which runs through the cavern.

A Boomerang Bro can be found in the other side of the river, as well as a door. This door takes Mario to an open area with a single Ninji and a small tree. Mario must hit this tree with his hammer to cause the only leaf of the tree to fall off, allowing him to use it as a moving platform across the poison river. Then Mario reaches the inside of the cavern through the left door, he must jump from the leaf, and land on platform.

Mario must then find a door located on a platform with two ? Blocks and a Brick Block. By heading through this door, Mario finds the Wiggler Segment, who is sleeping on the ledge of the platform, covered in small Butterflies. When Mario approaches the segment, it wakes up and engages a battle with Mario. After defeating the segment, Kersti yells at it, causing it to feel bad for its behavior and join Mario. The Comet Piece can be found ahead, in a platform.

After Gooper Blooper's defeat, the river will no longer be poisoned, and Shy Guys appear in the place of some Snifits.

Secret exit[edit]

When Mario is riding the leaf through the poisonous river, he must ride it all the way to the beginning area, and jump to an elevated plain with a Piranha Plant. There, he must use one of three Hidden Blocks floating high above the poisonous river to jump to a platform on the other side, where he can find a door. By heading through this door, Mario is taken to a platform inside the cavern where the secret Comet Piece is found.

Secret Door[edit]

In the area with the Boomerang Bro, the Secret Door location is to the right of it. The door leads to a secret room with the Pillow Thing.

Sticker upgrade spot[edit]

Near the tree stump scrap is a hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed by the hammer. The spot is in the middle of it.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • Floating downstream on a leaf should be relaxing, but I can't help but notice the astounding amount of poison around us.
  • This is how the forest SHOULD be: quiet, green, and fragrant. (after the purple Royal Sticker is obtained)



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルプール川
Rupūru Kawa
Pun on English words "loop" and "pool" +「川」(kawa, river)

Chinese (simplified) 环绕河
Huánrào Hé
Surrounding River

Chinese (traditional) 迴圈河
Huíquān Hé
Looping River

French (NOA) Douve à flots
Moat of flows
French (NOE) Canal Tournenrond
Walking-round-and-round Canal
German Einbahnfluss
One-way River
Italian Fiume Avvitato
Screwed River
Spanish Río Bucle
Loop River