Chomp Ruins

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Not to be confused with Thwomp Ruins.
Chomp Ruins
World-Level 5-4
World World 5
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Big Chain Chomp
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Chomp Ruins is the fourth level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a ruined temple located on a large waterfall. Despite its name, there is only one Chain Chomp in the level; specifically, a Big Chain Chomp.


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The level starts out with Mario on a raft. The raft crashes into a dock, dropping Mario off at the base of the ruins. There are some stairs with Bomps hidden in the walls that will knock down Mario to a lower level patrolled by Spear Guys. On this lower platform is a raft hooked to a stake via a chain. Hammering the stake from the right will cause the raft to move over to an area with a Megaflash Eekhammer sticker.

Once back on the path, there is a door. Entering it will lead Mario to a room with a ramp that leads to a useless place. The ramp can be pulled off via Paperize and re-positioned to lead to the second floor. At the beginning, there are a few trap doors that will drop Mario down into a lower level infested with enemies. Avoiding the trap doors will lead to a set of saw blades chained to the ground. Hammering the stake nearby will get them moving again, allowing for Mario to pass. After dodging the saw blade, there are some stairs that can be climbed up to get to a higher level to be able to ride the saw blades to the exit.

The exit leads to the waterfall, where some Bowser Tape can be found that reveals a bridge to some more steps leading to a higher bridge guarded by hidden Bomps. However the player must be careful on the bottom side since there are Spike Tops guarding there causing Mario to either jump on the Spike Tops or having Mario to get hit by the First Strike. After dodging the Bomps. there are some more steps that lead up to the third floor.

On the third floor, the left path is blocked by pink nothingness. Dropping down from the main path will allow some more Bowser Tape to be pulled to reveal some stairs. The nearby Bomps must be jumped across quickly before they withdraw into the wall. Succeeding will lead to a small room with two Bomps, but one is stuck in the wall. Pulling the wall off and re-positioning it will make the Bomp come out and allow some higher ground to be reached with the Ruin Floor scrap. The scrap can then be placed by the left path in the third floor hallway to create a trap door that drops down to safe ground, allowing the saw blades to be dodged. At the top of some steps is a Hammer Bro, which blocks the exit. After defeating it, the fourth floor can be accessed.

A Save Block can be found there, along with a stake. The stake can be hammered to uncover a bridge leading up to the top of the ruins and the sleeping Big Chain Chomp. It can be battled, but stays asleep. If Mario waits for a while, it will wake up and attacks Mario. It flies out of the battle arena, topples a wall, and reveals the Comet Piece.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located on the second leveled platform by the sawblades on the second floor. It contains the Air Conditioner.




  • Goombella had done research on ancient civilizations that lived in this place according to a scrap of paper in Shy Guy Jungle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワン遺跡
Wanwan Iseki
Chain Chomp Ruins
Spanish Ruinas de Chomp Cadenas Chain Chomp Ruins
French (NOA) Ruines de Boulouf
German Kettenhund-Ruinen Chain Dog Ruins
Chinese 汪汪遗迹 (Simplified)
汪汪遺跡 (Traditional)