Outlook Point

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Outlook Point
Mario by a Recovery and Save Block
World-Level W3-6
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Outlook Point is the sixth level in World 3 of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This is a simple level with no Comet Pieces and the level serves mainly as an alternative sticker shop and thing-slinger. The level is automatically completed after Mario speaks with a green Toad in the level.


The level starts with Mario at the sticker shop area, which is the only shop that sells Secret Door stickers. Climbing the steps to the left of the shop takes Mario to the green Toad, where a clear view of the ocean can be seen. It is revealed here that the poison in the forest originates from a shipwreck a distance away from the world. (Upon seeing this, the accompanying Wiggler segment enrages.) To the right of the shop there is a hole leading to the thing-slinging area, where Things can be converted to stickers. To the south of the shop is a spot to place a Secret Door sticker. The Fishhook lies inside the Secret Door.

Sticker Shop[edit]

Name of Sticker Picture Price
Secret Door SecretDoorPMSS.png 80 coins
Big Shiny Jump Bigshinyjump.png 25 coins
Big Shiny Hammer Bigshinyhammer.png 25 coins
Shiny Mushroom ShinyMushroomPMSS.png 30 coins
Super Boot SuperbootPMSS.png 20 coins
Shiny Super Boot ShinySuperBoots.png 40 coins
Tail TailPMSS.png 20 coins
Shiny Tail ShinytailPMSS.png 40 coins
Frog Suit FrogsuitPMSS.png 20 coins
Shiny Frog Suit ShinyfrogsuitPMSS.png 40 coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テンボウ岬
Tenbou Misaki
Outlook Cape
Spanish Mirador Gazer
French (NOA) Vue de la péninsule View from the Peninsula
French (NOE) Promontoire Headland
German Kap der guten Aussicht Cape of good prospects (Pun on "Kap der guten Hoffnung/Cape of Good Hope")
Chinese 眺望岬
Tiàowàng Jiǎ
Outlook Cape